Getting to Know the Cricut Maker*

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut.The opinions and text are all mine.

If there was any craft item on my ultimate wish list. It would be the Cricut Maker, the ultimate smart cutting machine! For someone that does as varied a selection of crafts as I do, it is truly a must-have, for so many reasons.

The hard thing for me, is that it doesn’t come cheap, so is it something I could make the best use of? Is it right for me? I don’t really know what it can be used for. I’m sure there are others out there who feel the same way. If that’s you, read on! GettingtoKnowFBI was contacted in the new year by the lovely people at Cricut, asking whether I would be interested in working with them. Once I had pinched myself, confirmed that it was real, and had a cup of tea to recover, I of course sent a very enthusiastic response!

Soon after came some extremely exciting post, a shiny new Cricut Maker, accessories and more! So here we are with the first of many posts sharing my honest thoughts, experience and of course projects using this phenomenal machine!Cricut Maker Kay at Home (2)


First of all, the Cricut Maker comes so incredibly well packaged. When you open the box, this is what you will find:

The Cricut Maker – Features

This machine has definitely been created with the user in mind, and considering its sleek appearance, it is incredibly clever!

The storage cup on the left side of the machine is divided into two sections, one side shallow; ideal for storing smaller tools and pen lids. One deeper, great for keeping longer tools and pens to hand! The bottoms of both of the cups are lined and so you won’t damage the points of your Cricut Tools either! Definitely designed with the user in mind!

When you open the Cricut Maker, there is a space for you to rest your phone or tablet, as well as a USB charging port on the right hand side of the machine. The lowered door also opens to reveal another storage space! Perfect for scrapers and other tools! Cricut Maker Kay at Home (2)


Speaking of tools; included with the machine, is a Premium Fine-Point Blade and Housing, and a Rotary Blade and Drive Housing, a Fine-Point Pen, 12x12in FabricGrip Mat and 12x12in LightGrip Mat, plenty to get started with!

The Cricut Maker has a huge selection of tools including Scoring, Rotary and Knife blades, and other handy craft tools, you can purchase separately, enabling you to design and create nearly any craft project you could think of. Cricut Maker Kay at Home (1)This smart cutting machine can cut hundreds of different materials from light, delicate fabric without interfacing, paper, vinyl, cardstock, leather and even wood. After only weeks of owning the Cricut Maker I have to say, this is an incredible machine for any kind of crafter, whether you create projects for fun, or for a business. The quality and finish of everything I have tried out so far is amazing.


Some of the popular materials that the Cricut Maker can cut (using the correct blades) are:

  • Paper – Everyday paper, cardstock and vellum
  • Craft Materials – Washi tape, craft foam, glitter paper
  • Fabric – Including craft cotton, polyester, silk, felt, and denim
  • Vinyl – standard, craft and heat transfer vinyl for iron-on projects!

As well as thicker materials such as canvas leather and even balsa wood!

Design Space

When you start your machine for the first time, you will need to set it up online, and here you will meet the Cricut Design Space, if you have never had a Cricut machine before. Here is where you will create your projects, with access to fonts, images and if you’re stuck for ideas, check out the Ready to Make Projects section! Cricut Maker Kay at Home (3)You can access Design Space from a computer, and connect via USB or Bluetooth, as well as from your phone or tablet! Great for coming up with ideas on the go!

While you do need to be computer literate to navigate Design Space, there are lots handy tutorial videos available, and I would especially recommend the Cricut channel on YouTube, and generally it is easy to navigate your way around projects, whether you are creating from scratch or making an existing project.

You can create your own designs, using your own system fonts, or the fonts included with Design Space, as well as images, patterns and even photos. It is easy to move things around, and see how the sizing works, though there are also templates included. Cricut Maker Kay at Home (4)

Getting to know the Cricut Maker

When I had my first free day with the Cricut Maker, I invited Stu’s mum Helen to join me, and we both agreed it was simple, and clear to produce a project, though found a great deal of the available content in the Design Space, somewhat specifically targeted an American audience. Though many items are customisable and given the amount of content, there is still plenty to choose from aside from these.

We played around with different types and thicknesses of paper and cardstock as well as fabrics, which cut evenly, with an incredible finish!

I already know this will be great for making handmade cards (which I do all year) as well as producing elements for scrapbooking and other craft projects. Also there are already several projects from Design Space I want to make!

You get free access to 50 projects with your machine, including sewing patterns, as well as a trial for Cricut Access, which I have also been gifted, and trust me, it’s SO worth it; there are so many projects to choose from, as well as fonts and other images which are perfect for cards and gifts!

Butterfly, Bee, Flower and shapes created with the Cricut Maker using Design Space

All of these were cut with the Cricut Maker all using free images on the Design Space from different papers, fabric and cardstock.

Believe me; you aren’t limited to papercrafts with the Cricut Maker! There are so many different types of materials you can cut, which means you can make all kinds of things, from home décor items, party decorations, clothes and accessories, toys and gifts, as well as handmade cards and embellishments!

Honestly, I have spent hours checking out the Design Space, and there is so much I want to make and try! If you are into sewing or quilting or are a keen papercrafter, I would seriously recommend a Cricut Maker, I can’t wait to explore it further and share some more projects!


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#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2018

Though I arrange #CraftBlogClub now, I have been a part of it for so much longer, and the annual Secret Santa is one of my favourite of the regular challenges and events throughout the #CraftBlogClub year. ed2f4-craftblogclub-badge-291x300I really like giving and receiving handmade gifts, and the wide range of crafts, and talents in #CraftBlogClub means it’s always a varied and fun activity at Christmas!

Do you craft and make handmade gifts? We’re always open to new people coming to join in the chats on Tuesday evenings! You can find out more on the blog.

Arranging the Secret Santa gift swap challenge this year, was so much fun, and it was great to see so many people getting involved, both regular chatters and even some new faces! It’s always a popular challenge and you can read more here!

To remain as impartial as possible, Stu drew the pairs from two pots, in order to create all of the swap partners, including me. Aside from one case, due to location, everyone was sending to a different person, and receiving a gift from someone else. I regularly checked in with everyone to make sure everything was running smoothly, and everyone got their gifts on time.

I sent a gift to the very talented Laura Pearson Smith of A Life With FrillsSS2For Laura’s gift, I designed and made two felt Christmas decorations, and as I do every year,  added a bar some delicious local chocolate, and of course a handmade Christmas card. 1Of course, as I was the person behind the scenes, I knew who I would be receiving my gift from, but I was SO delighted with my wonderful gift from Caroline Dunkin AKA Alpha UniqueCBC Secret Santa (1)Caroline obviously did her research! I am a big Alice in Wonderland fan, and this now makes me smile whenever I walk into the kitchen! CBC SS (1)The details are incredible! I have always admired the artistry that goes in to pyrography! CBC Secret Santa (2)and of course who doesn’t love jam tarts?

Will definitely be trying the recipe soon!

My favourite part of the challenge is seeing what everybody made for each other, and reading all the blog posts! If you’d like to read more, there will be a post on the #CraftBlogClub blog in a few days time!

Do you participate in any Secret Santas or gift swaps at Christmas? Share any posts in the comments!


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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations -Past Projects


Christmas crafting is something I have done for quite a long time, and I thought now would be a great time to share some older projects featured here on the blog, for those who haven’t seen them before.

My “main” craft for a very long time, was cross-stitch, something I have plans to get back into more next year. A lot of my handmade decorations feature cross-stitching, so here are some posts to share:

Quite a few of my handmade decorations are from kits with various magazines, which is (as anyone who subscribes, or like me, has subscribed in the past) quite heavy on Christmas projects, here are a couple featured on the blog:

BaubleStocking baubles

These are really cute, and so easy to make! You can find out more in this post.House Bauble

Festive Houses

These are still some of my favourites! A nice combination of cross-stitch and Christmas fabric, they were super easy to make from the kit, and I ended up making another one later because they were so much fun to make! You can find the post here.10Sock Snowmen

These were something I saw online loads and really wanted to try out! They are versatile and so incredibly cute! I made far too many of these, including the three above, and made different hats and scarves, as well as a variety of fun buttons to decorate them!

You can read the post here.

The Cross-Stitch Advent Calendar

This was such a huge undertaking in the end. It took me far too long to get finished, but I got there eventually! 24 individually cross-stitched squares, stitched to felt pockets on a fabric base. The Advent Calendar, or The Big Project as it became famous among my crafty friends and me over the years it took for me to complete it, finally got finished last year! You can read about it, and see more here!

I hope you enjoyed this look back at some of my past makes!

Have you got any handmade decorations? Share below!




Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Christmas Stocking*


This post contains items which I have kindly been gifted * All opinions are my own.

TF StockingNo matter how old you are, there really is nothing better on Christmas morning to find a beautiful stocking waiting for you filled with lovely gifts! The only thing that can be better is a beautiful handmade stocking, which is a gift in itself, and one that you can enjoy year after year. Jolly Santa Stocking PanelI was kindly gifted both the Jolly Santa stocking panel fabric, and the coordinating star print fabric (below) for lining from the lovely people at Truro Fabrics, to show everyone just how easy it is to make a gorgeous handmade stocking for yourself! Jolly Santa Star Print

What you’ll need:

  • Panel Fabric
  • Lining Fabric
  • A sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Wadding

(You could also do this by hand of course!)

How I made it:

Not going to lie, I had help, we’ve seen my sewing here on the blog, and though I could do it myself, I was nervous about messing it up so I called Stu’s mum, and we made it together! It was quite a fun hour and a bit, but genuinely didn’t take long from start to finish. After cutting all the pieces out, it was no more than an hour.

How WE made it:

  • Cut out the stocking pieces as per the lines on the panel, they give a nice seam allowance (and this makes a nice template for the next step)
  • Cut out the same pieces again from the lining fabric (using the panel cut pieces as a guide)
  • Cut out wadding slightly smaller than your stocking pieces (at this point you have six stocking pieces or three pairs, panel, lining and wadding.)
  • Pin your santa print pieces, “right sides” together, leaving the open end and sew as you’d expect, so that you have what looks like a stocking if you turn it in the right way.
  • Turned inside out, pin and sew the wadding carefully to the stocking fabric on the inside.
  • Pin and sew your lining fabric leaving the opening end AND THE TOE or base of the foot unstitched
  • Sew around your top edges joining the lining and print fabric together all inside out.
  • Pull the whole stocking through the hole in the toe part of your lining fabric. (You may want to carefully cut into your wadding to work the curve) you should now be all in the right way with the “right” or pretty sides of the fabric facing outwards (like in the photo above.)
  • Sew up your toe of the lining fabric, as above, and tuck inside, and you have a seam free stocking.

Here is the finished stocking – my sewing needs to be improved a little, I’m still not brilliant at sewing a curve and it is a tiny bit creased, because the cats took a liking to sleeping on the bag it was in! StockingThis would also be great quilted, as the design is gorgeous and it would really make it stand out. Or you could embellish the stocking with buttons, sequins or ribbon for example to really make it unique.

I also stitched the baubles and fabric tags (adding some ribbon) which came on the panel, as I thought they were fun! I like the idea of just writing on them with washable pens and then I can just throw them in the wash and re use them, alternatively you could sew names onto them for someone special! Stocking (4)

The baubles, I did something a little different with, as you will see in a post coming in the next week!

This was a really fun project and was so much easier than I thought it would be! This stocking would make a great handmade gift, (either as a project to make, or made up), or even a little something for yourself.

Stocking (3)Thank you so much to all of the friendly staff and management at Truro Fabrics, who were so helpful, offering advice and tips and of course very kindly gifted me the fabrics for this project. As a local family run business, selling all manner of fabrics, buttons, ribbons and lots more, it is a company close to my heart, and somewhere I love to visit for so many of my sewing and craft needs. Stocking (2)This panel and fabric come from the Jolly Santa collection by Makower, the panel is priced at £7.80 and the coordinating star print fabric is £12.99 per metre. Both are available to purchase, along with a wide range of Christmas fabrics and many other haberdashery items, from Truro Fabrics, it is not currently available to order online, but you can call the store to make a telephone order. You can find contact information as well as other festive choices in the Truro Fabrics online store.

This post contains items which I have kindly been gifted * All opinions are my own.


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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Gifts – Hoop Art*

This post contains items which I have kindly been gifted * All opinions are my own.

Hoop art, is definitely more popular now than it was a few years ago, and it is a great craft for making a gift, or even decorating at Christmas, there are a lot of Christmas fabric designs which are really good fun, and it is nice to have a different use if you’re not big on sewing, as I wasn’t up til a couple of years ago! Christmas fabric is also a great eco friendly alternative to paper for wrapping! Especially for those harder to wrap gifts!


For this post, I was kindly gifted a sample of this poly/cotton Christmas fabric , and this fab Disney print fabric*, which you will see in a post later this month, from the lovely people at Remnant House Fabric; based in North Yorkshire, Remnant House sell a huge range of sewing fabrics and related items online. The items I was gifted were well packaged and arrived really quickly too!

I adore hoop art – though when it came to preparing for blogmas, I realised that I very rarely saw patterned fabric* as the base, and I thought I would make up a couple of hoops* in different ways, to share here on the blog. Hoop Art Post (2)I’ve been cross-stitching from a young age, and embroidery was something I just never really got into, though it was a relaxing break to come up with something a bit different, and a little less time-consuming. I did each of these hoops of an evening, while watching tv! Hoop Art Post (3)This second hoop*, I wanted to try simply embellishing the fabric, and I really loved the idea of using cross-stitch in a slightly different way, too, so I kept it simple, and continued with the same colour scheme as before. It ties in well with my existing decorations, which include cross-stitch and sewn items. Hoop Art Post (4)Embroidery hoops, like those used in this post, are really affordable, I have several I use for cross-stitch projects, and was kindly gifted two natural wooden embroidery hoops* from Hobbycraft, for Blogmas. These are pretty standard 8 inch hoops which hold up well (and don’t come apart constantly) they can be left plain or decorated if you are leaving your work in the hoops. The great thing is that at £2.70, you don’t feel bad if they are only used for one project!

This post contains items which I have kindly been gifted * All opinions are my own.kayathomelogo





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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations – Festive Christmas Tree Garland*

This post contains items which I have been gifted*. All opinions are my own.IMG_9788[1]I was kindly gifted this fun felt Christmas tree Garland Sewing Kit* from Hobbycraft and HOW cute is this! I love the mix of colours and the decorative elements! IMG_E9577The kit contains:

  • Triangular felt tree pieces
  • Brown tree trunk felt pieces
  • Pom pom embellishments
  • Buttons for hanging and decorating
  • Ribbon pieces for decorating
  • Thread
  • Stuffing
  • Ribbon piece to cut for hanging loops
  • Long ribbon piece

IMG_9782To sew together, (some of the colours of felt are harder to sew than others,) there are a couple of methods you can use, I chose to blanket stitch the two pieces of each tree together and to embellish them once they were finished, though of course you could do this whichever way you prefer.

I sewed the fabric, buttons and ribbon pieces, and used tacky glue to add the pom poms (glue also from Hobbycraft, though from my stash this time! I swear by their tacky glue, it’s one of my staple craft items!) IMG_9780 I did add in a couple of things myself, purely because I wanted my trees to all look the same, so I added in some ric-rac ribbon and a handful of pompoms from my stash. IMG_9784I really like that the bunting simply loops onto the ribbon which you sew buttons on to. This will make it super easy to store away for next christmas without getting everything tangled! IMG_9785I placed the buttons a measured distance apart to display the bunting in the front window of the house, and I love how it looks – (apologies for the slightly bad photo, we have had abysmal weather this week! I will replace when I can) You get the idea! What do you think?

I moved them up to the top of the window as the cats were a fan! Here’s a night photo: IMG_9803I thought overall this kit was great! It was a nice small project to chill with during a couple of evenings, and I really liked the colours, and the variety of embellishments.

This fun kit would make a great gift or stocking filler, for a crafter, the age recommendation is 14+ which seems a little high for me, I’ve been sewing by hand since I was 7, so I think really it depends on ability, though as I say some of the sewing was more difficult. The decorative aspect would definitely be fine with kids, under supervision anyway.

Have you made bunting at home? Christmas or otherwise, why not share a link in the comments!


This post contains items which I have been gifted*. All opinions are my own.

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Guest Post -Perfect Gifts for Crafters -Christine of Craftyism

My guest blogger today is Christine, a fellow craft blogger who I met through #CraftBlogClub on Twitter! I love her blog Craftyism, which is full of tutorials, tips, reviews and other crafty goodness. Like me Christine is a fan on many different crafts, and I’m so happy to share her post today… Gifts for CraftersHello, I’m Christine, I blog about crafts, creativity and mindfulness. Craftyism is a place for me to write craft book reviews and post craft tutorials. Apart from all things crafty, I love cats, films and food!

It can be tricky buying a present for a crafter. It’s in their nature to be hoarders collectors, so you can never be too sure if they’ve already got that certain tool/pattern/yarn/fabric! Think outside the box and get them something that lets them display their passion to the world – craft inspired jewellery. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Sewing Machine Earrings in a Bottle by ZAMSOE £18 1For the seamstress, there are these tiny vintage style sewing machine earrings. The tiny glass bottle they come in is just so cute!
  1. Papercraft Enamel Pin by Fickle Craftroom £7 2I love how detailed this pin is. The bright colours would pop against a black coat and make a real talking point.
  1. Pencil Ring by MeAndZena £16 3This pencil ring is very subtle but so stylish! It would add some creativity to a boring day job outfit.
  1. Sew Very Happy Charm Bracelet by Bartleandbee £4 4You can customise this bracelet by choosing the cord colour your crafter loves. Best of all it’s made from recycled cotton yarn.
  1. Scissors Hair Pin Clip by Lovely Littles Co. £14 5Get this gorgeous set of two, scissor hair pins for your paper crafter. They come in silver or gold.
  1. Knitted Hat Dangle Earring by Pu Ran(Amazon) £0.97 6A perfect stocking filler for the knitter in your life. You could even buy a matching regular hat to go with them!
  1. Camera Personalised Birthstone Charm Necklace by Francesca Rossi Designs £28 7Show a photographer how well you know them by adding their birthstone and initial to this adorable camera necklace.
  1. Crochet Hook Necklace by lanaboushop from £6.37 8Your crochet-er will never be stuck without a hook with this cute customisable necklace.
  1. Gold Crafter Necklace by maxsworld £14 9If they just can’t get enough craft, this gold mirror, acrylic necklace covers all the bases.
  1. Metal Stamped Cuff Bracelet by LucyFurrBrightStar £10.49 10A bracelet that just says it as it is!

There’s a range of crafts as well as price points in this list. Hopefully you’ll find the perfect stocking filler for the crafter in your life!

Thank you so much Christine for this fab post! So many gorgeous pieces! 

If you enjoyed this post, please check out and you can also follow Christine on Twitter and Instagram.

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Mr Cat Print Pinafore Dress – A Sewing Experiment

I’ve never made a dress. I like the idea of making my own clothes, but so far I’ve been happy teaching myself quite basic sewing skills. I’ve done some upcycling, and some mending, and produced simple items around the house and the craft room but the only garments I’ve ever made have been circle skirts, and that process is somewhat simple.

So, I had this fabric. Because when I saw it, I needed it(!) And I soon after, decided I wanted to make a dress! Even though I have limited skills, and even less experience! What could possibly go wrong?! Mr CatOf course the right thing to do, would be to find a pattern, or draw one up, and work from that.

Because I’m me, I didn’t do this!

Using a dress from my wardrobe, I pinned out a vague shape and cut it out. And I sewed it together, then once I had it tacked into a basic dress-form, I pinned areas that needed tweaking, and then properly sewed it.

I wanted a pinafore dress, because this is sweatshirt fabric, and so quite autumnal, and I liked the idea of it being something I could wear with boots and a long sleeved tee, or a jumper.

Cat Dress (2) (1)

Loki gatecrashed the photo….

Deciding to keep things pretty simple, the dress is basically an A-line tube top-dress, fairly straight cut and flaring out at the bottom. For the shoulder straps all I did was make tubes of fabric to the width I wanted the straps to be, and once stitched in at the front I measured a comfortable length and trimmed the back, measuring to keep them even, and sewed them to the inside of the back. To keep things simple, I decided to cheat, as it’s jersey, and has a bit of stretch, so the dress is just a slip on dress that looks like a pinafore, complete with button finish.

Cat Dress (1)

Very late night photo… this will be replaced at some point!

Overall this was actually pretty simple, and, well – what do you think?


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Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project Sewing, Fabric, Butterflies, Music, Kay at Home IMG_3100

Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project

Fat Quarter Projects – Reversible Mini Tote Bag

Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project

I’ve made a couple of these bags now, one as a gift, and one for myself, and they’re a fairly quick make once you have the materials ready.

What you need:

  • 2x Fat quarters of fabric (or two pieces the same size)
  • 1x Strip of coordinating fabric
  • coordinating thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (or needle at least if you are making by hand)

I’ve never massively measured anything, the approximate dimensions of my bag are: 27cm across with a depth of 4cm, but it’s pretty flexible.

most FQ’s are not square, so keeping the LONG length of your fabric, cut approximately 12cm or so for your sides, and put them to one side, you will have two rectangular “body” pieces of fabric,Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing ProjectSides facing sew them together, leaving a gap to turn it out the right way, using a pointy tool to get the corners out.Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing ProjectFold this yourself to see how much (if any) closing flap you want, vs front/back length.

Sew the side pieces together the same way, my side width is  around 4cm after sewing,Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing ProjectPin them in place – bearing in mind your bag is reversible, so any stitching you do will be visible – I made the choice to keep the seams fairly small (about 5mm)Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing ProjectI did all my stitching on the darker fabric, simply because I thought it was better hidden that way, considering everything is visible.Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing ProjectThe “hardest” part is the bottom, more because I’m pretty rubbish at sewing, and found this more awkward, but pinning the bottom of the side piece in place, sew around, and create the base of your bag….

Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project  Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project

And then of course sew up the other side to match. Now you have a bag without a strap!

I chose to make a basic shoulder strap for my bag, measuring out a long piece of black cotton fabric (from cutting up an older garment (recycling!!) pinning in place to the bag to get the length I wanted. Then detaching it…

I then sewed up two edges together to make a big tube. And turned it in the right way, ironing flat (Very long process, unless you have a turning tool thing).Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing ProjectI then attached my strap to the bag, sewing securely. Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project

Nothing but honest – my stitching was a bit uneven, but I don’t think it matters all that much. I could go over it by hand to make it look tidier! Rhis of course means you’re done! You can add fastening of course.

You can fit a surprising amount in these bags, even though they’re fairly small. And of course being plain cotton,  they weigh next-to nothing, fold up really small, and if they get dirty, you can put them in the washing machine!

They are perfect for holidays –
 Kay at Home, mini tote bag fat quarter sewing project  Kay at Home, Mini Tote Bag, Fat Quarter Sewing Project

Or just every day-

Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project  Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project


I’ve actually used mine a lot, and it’s quite useful to just throw in my handbag in case I need another bag when I’m out. Mostly I use it to carry around crafty stuff or a book if I’m going to a friend’s place though!Kay at Home, Mini Tote Fat Quarter Sewing Project

Have you made anything from fat quarters? Share below in the comments! I’d love to see!

What other FQ projects would you like to see me try?




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Butterflies and Music Circle Skirt

This is just a sharing post really, I had a big sewing day recently, and I made another circle skirt! As a lover of music, I spotted this pretty fabric with music notes and bright coloured butterflies and had to buy it!

I didn’t know what I would make with it at the time, and so it sat in my stash for a while, before I decided to cut out the pieces to make a second circle skirt. Circle SkirtUsing the same method as I used making the skirt in THIS POST I made a second circle skirt using the tutorial. This had one slight difference, in that I had to make the skirt with two semi-circles because of the nature of the print, so instead of one continuous circle, the two halves are stitched together at the sides. I had no hope when it came to pattern matching, but the print on the fabric is very forgiving!Sewing, Fabric, Butterflies, Music, Kay at HomeI absolutely adored this fabric when I saw it, I did actually buy it about a year ago, and it was around christmas I decided to make the skirt, and so when I came back to it recently, the pieces were cut, so all I had to do the other day was sew it all together! Sewing, Fabric, Butterflies, Music, Kay at HomeThese are great beginner sewing projects, but also an easy make even if you have more sewing experience, as they are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. You can make a circle skirt from almost any fabric, with any pattern. You can even add a front panel and some straps to make a pinafore dress, and if you don’t want elastic, it is simple enough to sew a flat waistband and add a zip into the back or side, of course you would need to decide this when sewing your side seams, or cut a seam into a circle skirt if necessary.

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