Handmade Cards – Some of my Favourites

I’ve handmade my own cards for so long, but I don’t really share them on the blog anymore!

I am planning on starting to share throughout the year again next year, so in the meantime, I’m digging out some pics of old cards, so excuse the weird cropping and bad lighting…

Here are a few of my favourites:

Stamped hearts, Silver anniversary card
This one was from a kit, but I do love the car -it’s all 3DThis is possibly one of my favourites ever, pearlescent card, glittery card, lots of shiny things! What could be bad about that!This was another one I really liked, just because of how simple it was.I think this is the only card I’ve made like this! It was fun to make something different, and I really like the colours!Brother Whovian TARDIS Doctor Who Handmade Birthday CardThis one is one of a couple of cards I’ve made, by printing out the main image. I don’t actually like doing this very often, as I like the work being all my own. But my brother is a HUGE Doctor Who fan, and it had to be done! I think it turned out pretty well though!

Do you send handmade cards?



2018 Scrapbook – July

And we’re in August, how did that happen?!

Of course it may be August, but as ever I am sharing last month’s scrapbook pages. For those new to the blog, I do a simple book every year, just to have something more than photos on a computer. For the last few years it’s been a Smash book, but I have a small ring-bound scrapbook this year!

I always look forward to July as there is usually a lot going on, mostly because it’s Car Show season, which I’ve posted about through the month, but also because the good weather means more days out.

Previous month: June

So here are the pages for this month: It had to be Cars themed this month really didn’t it! Though we did get out to another National Trust place to enjoy the sun!

Again only one cinema trip to see The Incredibles 2, which I loved! Hopefully we’ll see a few more films soon! We had intended to go more than once, which is why the page is so empty! This page is really busy, but if nothing else it does reflect the month! I did enjoy our evening at the beach, stopping for drinks. We have done this a couple of times now! Fingers crossed, although it’s a bit grey and showery at the moment, that we get some more nice weather soon!

So here are my July pages:

Do you do any scrapbooking or art journaling? Do share below!

Like this?

DLP May 2017 (30) EK Punch Moon 5


Scrapbook Share – Disneyland Paris May 2017

So in May of last year, Stu and I went to Disneyland Paris for a few days, it was our second break there, and of course I made plans to create a scrapbook of the holiday, it took over a year to get done, and then I wasn’t sure whether I’d share because I haven’t done scrapbook posts since I changed my blog over to this one… If you’d like to see more, let me know, I have a few different books from a few different places, so leave me a comment if you’d like to see more!

After finishing this book I decided I really wanted to share it, so I took photos of all of the pages This is an 8×8 post-bound scrapbook album, I used the Simple Stories Say Cheese III 12×12 Collection Kit, which came with stickers, different size cards for journaling or decoration, and 8 sheets of double-sided cardstock with various designs.  Other items I used included some Disney lettering stickers I picked up in Poundland a while ago, and a handful of paper accents from a Disney kit I got at the same time, and Papermania Basics cardstock to both mat photos, and back a couple of pages, and I backed one page with some black and white polka-dot paper I had in my stash. All other stickers, lettering etc came from the kit, which worked really well to make up a whole 8×8 book and is something I would do again! Firstly I cut down the 12×12 sheets to 8×8, and as they were double-sided, I chose where in the book I felt they would work best, as I was essentially stuck pairing pages on opposite sides of the page, I filled in with plain cardstock, using the trimmed edges of the 12×12 pages to accent, or to mat photos.

I think that’s covered everything, if you want to know any more just drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to help! Here are the pages from my book!  I hope you liked a peek inside my scrapbook for Disneyland Paris, if you’d like to know more about anything just leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer any questions!

Paper Circles – EK Tools Circle Punch* Review

As a paper crafter (OK amongst many things!) I am really familiar with EK Success, their stickers, papers and punches are well-known and widely available online, even here in the UK, my Amazon wishlist contains far too many of their products (Disney range much!) This is of course even before I mention my slight Smash Book addiction (I’m up to six)… and I follow them on Instagram because they post loads of fun project ideas and inspiration!

Recently I was a bit cheeky, and admitting I didn’t have a circle punch, I jokingly asked if they’d send me one to take part in a challenge over on Instagram… And to my surprise they did!  Very quickly I received this EK Tools Large Punch – 2 ½” circle punch. (I need to cross-post some of the pics from this post actually…) Obviously a HUGE thank you goes out to them! I’ve wanted one of these for ages!

I said as they had been so kind I would review it here on the blog, so here we go….

Firstly it is a nice solid punch, and doesn’t feel flimsy, it’s well packaged, and I like that I can lock the punch closed when I’m not using it. I also like the idea of making the flowers seen on the packaging, I shall have to add this to my list! What I really like is how versatile it is, you can use it to punch papers (or even photos) for scrapbook layouts. (This punch is the ideal size for 8×8 pages) Also I got a really nice, clean edge both on paper and thin cardstock . The punch did not jam, and wasn’t too hard to use.And of course it’s great for card making, whether you want to cut a piece of pattern Or Produce a particular image This is a little much perhaps… But a circle punch isn’t always just for punching circles…Placing your punched circle to one side of the punch – Ah that’s better… Just the thing, I don’t like to waste papers if possible!This literally took minutes to make! The cut is so clean, it looks great!

The same principle can be used to produce other images too: Segments can be used as petals – (possibly need a smaller circle for the middle there…)Or perhaps ears… A bit late for easter maybe…We’re undecided as to whether this is a cat or a pig… What do you think?One more thing I love about this punch, is that I can use it to combine my love of card making with my love of cross-stitching – this size punch is perfect for making apertures for small stitches: A little plain perhaps… Well I don’t like to waste – how about what is left from punching out a circle…I just added some coordinating ribbon and I’m well on the way to a finished card!

And as we’re over half way through the year, I had a little bit of fun trying out how well the punch worked around stamps and embellishments I have in my Christmas stash… Great for my tree stamp…
And for my wooden embellishments!

One more? I couldn’t resist! Over all this is a great product, which is a lot more versatile than it might initially seem!

I can see myself using it quite often!

This was a gifted product, the content of this post is entirely my opinion,

based on my personal experience.


2018 Scrapbook – June

July! And what a summer we are having!

We’ve had some great weather this month and it’s made for some really fun days out!

Previous month: May

I’m glad, at this half-way point of the book that I’m still doing the Disney sketching. They’re not perfect but it’s just to get me drawing again really, it’s very relaxing!

We had some amazing weather this month! Loving it!It was great to spend some time with family this month too! My Mum, her boyfriend and my youngest Brother came to visit, and we had a couple of great days out enjoying the sunshine! Stu’s Mum joined us for one day out too!

It was nice to visit somewhere new in June too! What isn’t shown is that in Polperro, I (who am terrified of spiders) held a tarantula! I’m not cured though!

We haven’t been to the cinema much lately, a lot to do with times of showings. A lot of films are on after 8pm and it just means too late a night midweek! Of course we still went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It brought back memories of going to see Jurassic World while we were in Paris!

So here are my June pages:

Do you do any scrapbooking or art journaling? Do share below!


2018 Scrapbook – April

Can you believe we’re in May! This means I’m off on holiday very soon, but before I go, here’s April’s scrapbook pages!

Previous layout: March

April was a fairly quiet month, obviously Easter was really early, showing up on the first, though we had no practical jokes however tempting! We spent the day with Stu’s mum, and I made cornflake/mini egg chocolate nests, just for a laugh. As you can see the Disney sketching has continued! It’s quite fun deciding what to add in each month now! What with all the superheroes it seemed only right to do The Incredibles! And the new one is out in a couple of months!

Three trips to the cinema too! That’s more like it. We spent a lot of time at home, but that was somewhat handy given the challenge for the month of watching ALL of the released Marvel/Avengers movies before going to see Infinity War on the 27th! We did it though! We did manage to get out for the day in glorious sunshine to visit Godolphin which was a great day out!

So here are my April pages:

Do you do any scrapbooking or art journaling? Do share below!

2018 Scrapbook – March

A late update for this, this month, I just didn’t get round to printing photos off at the end of last month, so it’s sat half-finished for a while!

My usual goal is for the end of each month, but April has been a little behind all month it seems!

Previous layout: February

March was quite a changeable month, we had all the snow at the beginning of the month, and the chaos that brings, and fun of course! Also it rained a fair bit when it wasn’t snowing, which made it difficult to get out and do anything fun!

But we managed in the end and of course you can read here all about our visit to Lanhydrock By the end of the month it was completely different and really started to feel like spring had arrived, so we went for a wander at Heligan, flowers were still a bit hit and miss, but we saw the newborn lambs! They were too adorable running around!

As you can see the Disney sketching has continued! It’s quite fun deciding what to add in each month now!Also only one trip to the cinema! What is up with that?! A longer movie challenge for the month though, so we had plenty to see, though not as scary as what’s coming up in April!

So here are my March pages:

Do you do any scrapbooking or art journaling? Do share below!

What’s Happening – April 2018


So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these random chatty posts but as of last night things are occurring! So I have something to waffle on about for a change!

Photo from thomascook.com

I’m going on holiday! (That’d be vacation to some of you) my very, very good friend, whom I have known since college, has invited me to join her for a week of theme park fun, and beach lounging, in sunny Spain! In just over two weeks! So obviously I have SO much to do!

I want to do a little altering of a couple of bits clothes-wise because they’ll be perfect to take once I can wear them, because, non-adjustable straps are NOT helpful when they turn you into an accidental flasher… I don’t know what proportions I’m meant to have but anyway! I want to make some things wearable without resorting to tying knots in straps. So sewing on the cards! 

I also have my #CraftBlogClub upcycling challenge project to do, which is really exciting! I’d wanted to do one project anyway, and it’s great timing now I’m also heading for the sun!

I’m all for upcycling, and this challenge is always great fun,  you can still take part as the closing date for the challenge is June 25th, you can find out more information here, and of course in the weekly chats on Twitter, every Tuesday evening at 8pm-9pm, just search for the # to take part!

I took part when the upcycling challenge was running a couple of years ago, before I was a co-host, and you can see what I made here!
In other fun, at the end of last month, you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I LOVED Coco when it was released this year, and was overjoyed when I received this amazing giveaway prize from Skip to the End, which is an absolutely brilliant podcast, and I genuinely haven’t missed an episode in about two years! They talk all things film and entertainment, regular reviews both new and old, have excellent giveaways and hilarious goings on generally! If you’re into film you should definitely check them out, you can find them on all of social media, and Apple Podcasts, Podomatic etc as well as their website!I know I talked about some sewing projects earlier, but I also have some other fun work I need to do! I’m really excited about a project I have planned, even though I can’t discuss it yet as it’s a gift, and basically have no idea at the moment whether it’s even going to work! But I’m looking forward to seeing if everything comes together as it does in my head!

And of course, there will be the usual fun this month, depending on where we go out to explore one weekend with our National Trust membership! So lots to come!

In the meantime, feedback is always good, so, if you have the time and fancy helping a girl out –

Do people want a travel prep post? do leave a comment, or tweet me or whatever it can be done! What sort of thing would you like to see?

Do you miss the cards? I make cards all the time but it felt repetitive posting them all the time, but I could do one post a month (or so) to share makes?

Is there anything else you miss? Even if I haven’t mentioned it, if there’s anything you want to see  (or not see) on the blog, just leave a comment, or get in touch by email or social media! I’m always happy to hear from people!

Until next time!


2018 Scrapbook – February

So, a quick Scrapbook update!

Previous layout: January

So I also decided somewhere along the line in February that I liked the Disney sketching, so have carried on with that as well… It gets me drawing again if nothing else!!

February was quite busy in the end, we visited Trelissick, it was pancake day and then Valentines (not that we do much – but there were cards!) We went to see Bill Bailey live at the Hall for Cornwall which was SO funny and a great night out!

I also went to the Craft for Crafters show in Exeter, and also visited Jo Downs gallery! Another day we stopped for a wander around Charlestown, which I always love! Especially when we go for a cream tea too! And then there was snow!

Also three trips to the cinema (ok, four but we’d seen Coco already…) and the usual books and movie challenges added in for good measure!

So here are my February pages:

I’ll add a nice photo of us in at some point, but didn’t take it off my phone!

Do you do any scrapbooking or art journaling? Do share below!