*Date Night* March 2019

March! It’s been a fairly quiet month again this month, mostly because we’ve been really  busy with work, though we had a little down-time here and there, so here’s a bit of a catch up! Date Night Logo MarchWe’ve not had any events in March, which means it’s been fairly quiet generally, we did enjoy a day out in St Ives (which you can read all about here)! That’s about the extent of our going out this month, the joy of how days off have come up recently, coupled with some rather hit-or-miss weather!

Things we’ve loved in March:

At Home:

Of course it’s been quite an exciting month working with Cricut! It was such an amazing opportunity, and I’ve really enjoyed playing around with things in the craft room! I made a couple of fun cards, and little bits and pieces, and of course there’s sure to be lots more to come! Cricut Layered Flowers CardStu’s been equally busy at work, and studying, but got the great boost of getting 100% in his latest assessment, which is awesome! We’ve spent a lot of time chilling at home this month. Of course we had some fun making pasties for this post. Pasty Making (3)

Because we’ve been chilling at home so much this month, I decided to do a bit more baking, and made lemon drizzle cake! Which was so good, and really didn’t last long! IMG_0585A couple of people on Twitter requested the recipe for this one, and because I didn’t do a specific post for it, here it is:


125g butter

175g Caster sugar

2 lemons (juice and zest)

2 eggs beaten

175g SR flour

75g icing sugar

To decorate:

Zest of ½ lemon

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Preheat oven 180°c/ 350°f Gas Mark 4

Mix butter and caster sugar in a bowl until creamy

Add lemon zest

Add in egg a little at a time and beat together

Once combined, sift in flour and fold into the mixture

Pour into cake tin and bake for 40 mins (insert skewer/knife if clean it’s done)


Make a syrup for drizzling; gently heat lemon juice and stir in sugar until dissolved

Prick lots of holes into top of cake, using a skewer or similar, drizzle the syrup over the top (this is why you leave it in the tin, so the cake can fully absorb the drizzle!

Decorate with some more lemon zest to finish.


We’re still watching Game of Thrones, though we’re watching something else in between each season, and in March, we checked out the latest offering from Ricky Gervais, After Life. What a show, honestly, it was so good! We loved it!!

His writing is amazing, but I’ve watched Extras again this month as well and it’s so cringe!

I’ve also been watching Hannibal here and there on Netflix, and still utterly love it. I only have about half a season left though! I’m watching Luther as well, so lots to keep me occupied!

We’re already done with season 6 of Game of Thrones, which means the final season is SO close now! It’s amazing how fast we’ve gone through the whole thing, we have to chill back a bit with season 7, which is a bit of a struggle!

Watching one episode a week is going to be the worst!

Films: 2019 scrapbook (3)We’re now catching up with some of the films on the movie challenge list, which is good fun, though I STILL think we’re watching too many of the good ones! I think we need to bite the bullet a little and watch some of the more random movies on the list! To see what we’ve watched, you can check out THIS LINK, or to know as and when we watch them, I do tend to share on Twitter! If you’d like me to share elsewhere, let me know!

Some of them you can watch on your own!

We can suffer through them together! 

Have you checked out the list? Do you have any favourites on there?


We went to see Captain Marvel!CMWe loved it too, the soundtrack is so nostalgic!

The de-ageing was done really well too, which makes a change!

This was the only cinema trip in March, which seems crazy, as we have a list of things we want to see this year, but it does mean there is lots to come in the next few months!

There’s lots to come in April, maybe even one a week in April!


Days out:

As I said earlier, we went for a wander around St Ives this month, just because we fancied a chilled day out, so we didn’t get up to much, though we definitely want to go back again, and maybe check out the Tate, and maybe even go on a boat trip! There is a lot to do in St Ives, much like many places here in Cornwall, but it was also a great place just to walk along by the coast and relax! St Ives March 24th (7)We also have some travel news! Though we have no major break plans so far, we have booked a weekend away in Somerset in May! So we’re excited about getting away for a couple of days and having a couple of days out to share! We have three or four things planned, but I haven’t decided whether do do a special week of posts, sharing it all at once, or spreading it out, so feel free to let me know what you’d prefer to see, in the comments!


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*Date Night* – February 2019

This post does contain gifted items but has not been sponsored in any way!

Just sharing because I really loved things, and thought you might too! 

Ah February! I don’t know about you, but it always seems like a long month!

We’ve not done much this month, because of working mostly, and a fair bit of abysmal weather that doesn’t make you want to go out! But here is a bit of a look over this month!Date Night Logo Kay at HomeValentines! We don’t usually make that big a thing out of valentines, in the evening of the day I worked, so most of the day we didn’t see each other at all! Though Stu met me from work at 9pm and we did get a kebab on the way home, and we watched a bit of Game of Thrones (we’re re-watching them all ahead of the final season!) which happened to be the Red Wedding episode, which we thought was pretty funny… Valentines, Kay at Home Blog PostAs much as Valentines Day isn’t that big a date on our calendar, I did enjoy working on some Valentines craft projects thanks to Hobbycraft (sponsored- gifted) this month, and if you missed it you can check out that post here. Live Dream Rock - KayAtHomeGift wise, for each other, I made Stu this box frame gift, and he got me another Funko Pop! for my collection! I adore Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, especially Edward Elric, (cosplayed as him more than once, including here) so obviously I LOVE this!IMG_0319We went out for dinner again this month, yet again to HubBox, which was totally not planned, but as ever enjoyable! We didn’t even take photos! We have said we’ll have to get more creative with places we eat! Do you have favourite regular places to go out for a meal or do you like to explore?

As I said earlier, work got quite busy in February, I’ve got new hours, which means sorting out a new routine(!) and it’s made me a bit more disorganised, but I’m getting there now, with a bit more of a plan!

Things we’ve loved this month:

At Home:

I’ve been reorganising the craft room again! Exciting things are coming to the blog soon!! The cats have liked the boxes! Me too, as well as what’s in them for, me they actually stay out of the way! Also while you’ve been in the craft room, I’ve played my guitar more learning new stuff!

Speaking of the cats we were sent a couple of goodies this month from the lovely Trevor at Enterprise XD Design, including this 3D printed ball for Sid and Loki! Not only is it the source of new entertainment for the cats, which being indoor, I like to change things up for them every now and again! And (bonus!) it’s bigger than most cat toys and doesn’t actually fit under the sofa! Much happiness all round!! Check out the Loki action shots!!


We’re still watching Game of Thrones, though we’re watching something else in between and in February, that was third (and final) season of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which we got pretty hooked on though we still can’t really decide who it was aimed at!! We’re up to Season 5 of Game of Thrones now… The finale is near!!


We’ve been watching a few more from the Movie Challenge list! Some good, some… Less than good. Some surprises. I do worry we’re watching too many of the films we really like too soon… Movie Challenge FebCinema:

We went to see How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, which was awesome! And Alita: Battle Angel, Which you didn’t want to see! I know I know, but I loved it.

Days out:

We did of course have a lovely visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and you can read about that one here! We were hoping for some baby animals, but were a bit early, so maybe we will visit again very soon! I’m sure we will at some point. We do want to do some new things this year though! Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (8)Along with the ball for the cats, Trevor sent us some 3D printed Thorks for taking out on our adventures! These are SO great for just putting in your bag, for snacking on the go, or even at home! 3D printed, and fully customisable to fit your thumb (or finger) uniquely. We’ve used these more than once, for example here with some cake:

They’re great for pasta at lunchtime too. I ate wotsits with mine when I was cross-stitching the other day so I didn’t get orange all over the fabric haha!

I especially liked having them in my bag when we got some chips as an alternative to disposable plastic forks!! So handy, as well as better for the environment! Plus of course I’m a big fan of indie biz! SO if you fancy getting some for yourself visit here! Trevor is also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and other than handy forks and cat toys makes coasters, trinket boxes and so much more… Even earrings like these!! Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (4)Huge thank you to Trevor, it was such a lovely parcel to receive and such a nice surprise to not just get something in the post for me, but a treat for us all! Happy house all round!


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Shadow Box Frame Gift*

I was very kindly gifted a product within this post from Hobbycraft,

the gifted item has been clearly marked with an *

For Valentines day yesterday, Stu and I didn’t really have much planned. Neither of us really buy into the day, though we use it as an excuse to give each other a little present, and some chocolate (because any time is a good time for chocolate!). This year I decided I was going to make Stu something I’d promised a while ago!

I worked until 9pm, so we didn’t actually see each other until the evening! So we got a kebab and chilled watching Game of Thrones (we’ve been re-watching from the beginning, ahead of the new season coming out soon!) romantic huh!?

Stu got me another Funko Pop for the collection, IMG_0319I absolutely LOVE Edward Elric, we watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood a few years ago and both loved it, I even have a full costume, which I’ve worn to comic-con at a couple of different events!

For Stu, I wanted to make something for him. I had a handful of old guitar picks, and knew I wanted to use them somehow, though I hadn’t got as far as planning a layout or anything yet.

Then I was very kindly gifted this fab 30x30cm Deep Shadow Box Frame* from Hobbycraft. frameI love the frames in Hobbycraft, they come in black, white and grey, and have a few around the house, they’re great for craft projects, and photos, and I’ve even bought them to frame gifts in the past, and definitely will again, as they’re really good value!Live Dream Rock - KayAtHomeI decided I would make stu a music based frame, because he loves his guitar, and music. I drew out the rough design, adding in the music note in pen, before sticking everything down. I found a fun photo of us from last year, and matted it on shiny silver cardstock to tie in with the DCWV chipboard elements from the Rock King collection, which I’ve had for ages in my stash. Finishing up making a feature of the guitar picks.

Did you make anything for Valentines Day?

These frames* are genuinely great for displaying artwork, collages, mementos or even scrapbook layouts! I really like the idea of making a few more of these to display! Even utilising the depth a little more than I have here, though this wouldn’t have worked in a standard picture frame.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! It was just a chance to share something I made recently!

I was very kindly gifted a product within this post from Hobbycraft,

the gifted item has been clearly marked with an *


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*Date Night* January 2019

Date night was so much fun at the end of last year that we thought we’d bring it back again in 2019. There will be some changes, as we’ve decided it’s a chance to share what we’ve been loving each month! date night january kahK -January is Stu’s birthday month, (as well as several other family members for me!) so it’s quite busy, and I get to plan and start a lot of things afresh, trying to get a routine around work since the Christmas rush has been difficult, but now we’re at the end of the month it’s finally settling down!

S – For me it’s back to normality and work, in the cold, so coming home to relax and be comfy indoors is a must! There’s loads of awesome stuff to look forward to, and it’s time to start planning holidays and other fun for the year ahead.

Have some cuteness… Loki and Darth Sidious (AKA Sid) at the very beginning of the year. We’re hoping to include them a little more on the blog this year too!

This month we’ve loved –


Starting The Movie Challenge for the year! We’re looking forward to watching some films on the list that we love, but haven’t seen for a while. We’re less looking forward to watching some of the terrible films on the list. Some of which I’d promised myself I’d never see! 2019 scrapbook (3)

We’ve got another list of movies to see at the cinema too, though only went once this month, to see Glass. Lots more to come though!


We’ve started watching Game of Thrones again, planning on watching all of them before the final season airs! We’ve watched all of season 1 so far. So much happens! I’d forgotten how much happened in just season one! 

We’ve also watched Season 3 of Daredevil and have been watching The Punisher (Which is as awesome as I thought it would be), definitely our favourites of the Marvel shows on Netflix, as well as the newest season of The Good Place.


I’ve been playing my guitar a lot more, lots of Biffy Clyro and Arctic Monkeys as usual and a ton of bluesy goodness!

Just some of the guitars in the house!

I got Stu the latest Mumford and Sons album for Christmas and we’ve both been listening to that a fair bit! It’s still in the car which is always a good sign!

Out and about

We’ve not gone out anywhere this month yet, though we’re planning to next week!

We’ve been out and about in Truro though, went out for dinner at HubBox, which is just awesome and definitely the best place to go for a burger in town! And salted caramel milkshakes which are amazing! Or root beer, which is so good!

Hubbox Truro, Kay at Home, Cornwall, Dining

Stu… tolerating my need to photograph everything!

Tonight (Saturday, because this post is fashionably late) we were out at Yak and Yeti in Truro for a curry, for Stu’s birthday, with his mum. Which is another one of our favourite places to go. The staff are really nice, and the food is incredible!

Stu and Kay Jan 19

Look at us, being all out-out!

I am getting National Trust again for my Birthday as well… Lots more adventures to come then!

It’s been a fairly quiet month so far, though we’ll be sharing all the fun throughout the year. Including reviews of anything that comes our way, and anything we get up to.

We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

date night january kah

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An A-Z of the Craft Room

I had a bit of a tidy up and sort out in the craft room recently, and it got me thinking about how individual a space it is! I wondered how I would go about doing a room tour post, and I decided I would do an A-Z which might give you a little more insight into me, if you’re new to the blog, or just feeling nosy! So here we go and A-Z of the craft room!

A – Alice in Wonderland

I’m a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, and she’s found her way into the craft room more than once! Both handmade by me, handmade FOR me and other gifts too! alice in wonderland - kay at home

B – Books

I don’t read as much as I used to. There are more shelves out of this room, but I do have a couple of shelves in here for some of my more “random” books, as well as craft books of course! bookshelf - kay at home

C – Craft Cupboard

I did a whole post on the upcycled craft cupboard, this is a really upcycled and repurposed space and I LOVE that. This cupboard is home to a lot of my craft supplies, from cross-stitch supplies and kits, my scrapbooks, some papercrafting bits and pieces, crafty tools and yarn. You can read the post here. craft cupboard - kay at home

D – Disney

I’m a BIG disney fan, and this shelf has become a bit of a feature over time, complete with my Minnie Ears from our Disneyland Paris holiday, a Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Tinker Bell Tsum Tsum and even a traditional Czech Pinocchio style puppet from Prague. There are of course some other random things here too. A couple of years ago Stu even found a close match to the plush Minnie Mouse I got on my first Disney trip when I was 7. I’m also a BIG collector of Snow White things, and I love my Animators Collection doll! disney shelf - kay at home

E – Everything to Hand

When we made this space, and it really was made, I really tried to think of how I can have things I need to hand, This little drawer unit (which I want to replace at some point) holds all my pens and adhesive, and in front of me as I sit at my desk, are lots of little things I need to hand. The ink pads DO need to move though. I need to sort that…everything to hand - kay at home

F – Favourite Things

This room is very much somewhere for a lot of things to live. But among the crafting, there are some personal mementos, like this picture which was drawn when I was about 7-8 years old:drawing - kay at home

My Thumper cuddly toy, which I’ve had since I was 10 (clothing added at some point later), and my Hard Rock Cafe Paris bear: favourites - kay at home And photo albums from the day I was born onwards!

G – Gorjuss

A recent (ish) love of mine is Gorjuss by Santoro, I have a few things here in the craft room, like my The Hatter clock, which also ties in with Alice in Wonderland, and of course my Gorjuss stamps, and even a little mug which holds those little random bits until they get put away properly!


H – Hammock

I collect cuddly toys, on days out, holidays etc. Though I now have the sense to (mostly) pick up smaller keyring size teddies, I do have this hammock, to mostly hold them all! teddy collection - kay at home

I – Inspiration

It wouldn’t be a craft room without being an inspiring space! I have books, and cutouts in a folder, as well as notebooks filled with all manner of project and blog post ideas! Then of course there is all the fun stuff that gives me ideas at random!

J – Just Me

This is my room. While the door is rarely closed (unless I’m trying to keep the cats out!) it’s very much my personal space, and it’s really nice to have somewhere I can come and sit and just get on with things sometimes. Though I will admit, I do most of my crafting sitting on the sofa watching something on the TV.

K – Knitting

Of course, when you do a lot of different crafts, like I do, it’s important to stay organised, while I have bits and pieces stored in the cupboard, I do also have a project bag, which is always to hand, purely devoted to my current knitting project.


L – Lighting

This can be quite a dark room, but I have some alternative light sources in here, this reading lamp is so great for working at my desk, especially at this time of year, I love that I can move it around. While function is important, I have some more fun lights too, including a USB lamp, a light up K and my light box! lighting - kay at home

M – Movies

I’m a huge movie fan, and that has of course spilled over into the craft room! You can spot all kinds of things in here, here’s just some of what you can find on the bookshelves, notice that many of the books seem to have a movie theme too…


N – Notice Board

This was a really fun project, which you can read about here. I needed somewhere to keep things, though at the moment it’s still pretty clear, as I’ve tidied. I also think it’d be great for photography potentially, and it’s far better than the notice board being sat in a corner not being used! I also love how upcycling it with a bit of paint brightens up the room!notice board - kay at home

O – One Day

Because this is very much a handmade and upcycled space, there are bits that aren’t finished. This corner is something I really want to tackle this year! And I’d love to find some sort of cupboard or unit to go here, as opposed to my printer living on an old cupboard door!


P – Paper Crafting

My paper storage is something I got for Christmas years ago, simply because I wanted something big enough for 12×12 scrapbook paper. It’s got a good number of drawers and means all of my crafty paper is in the same place.

I did buy the white unit a couple of years ago, which sits next to the plastic drawers. It’s a great size for moving around the room if necessary, and is just where I keep those odd bits that don’t really have anywhere else to go. Though the bottom drawer has become home to smaller paper stacks, just because they fit nicely in here! paper storage - kay at home

Q – Quiet.

I ended up swapping rooms a couple of years ago, as this room is on the adjoining wall to the neighbours house. It’s a room I try to keep fairly quiet, while I’ve been known to play music on my laptop, I’m not usually in here very late.

It’s nice to keep it as a chilled space too.

R – Rocking Chair

I wanted a rocking chair for years. I don’t even really know why!

For a long time this held onto a couple of large dolls, but now they are gone, and this is one of my big plans for the year, I want to revamp the cushions, probably in Alice in Wonderland fabric, and really make the rocking chair useable, instead of being a bit of a dumping ground! It also hides all the sins in the corner, so it’s dual purpose! rocking chair - kay at home

S – Sewing

I keep my sewing bits in a box on top of the cupboard, (along with Christmas crafts and some mementos etc) and the sewing machine lives on my desk, simply because, if I need the room it’s easy to move it, also I actually use the dining table to sew, as there is more space! boxes - kay at home

T – Tea

There are several mugs in the craft room. And there’s usually another one on the desk! I’m never too far away from a cup of tea! my desk - kay at home

U – Upcycled

I love the upcycled nature of this room. It’s functional, but quirky and is in itself an inspiring space. That being said, it means it’s always a work in progress! And of course there are parts of the room which are bought for purpose, and there will probably be more, but so much in here is incredibly functional considering it’s not it’s original intended use! From my pen holder, to my desk!

V – Versatile.

The idea when creating this room, was that it is a versatile space. As you’ll see when you get to Z. Most things in the room are mobile, and can be swapped or moved around (even the craft cupboard could be spliced back into two cupboards if it was necessary!) The thing with doing so many crafts, is that I have no single focus, so this space needs to work for many things, and at the moment it’s perfect for that, and though I want to move some things around, it’s a really workable space whatever I’m doing!

W – Wine Racks

I love my purple cubby holes, and in fact they are wine racks! Saved from skips, I have two, which are slightly different heights, both laid on their sides. They are the perfect size for various crafty storage, like my peel offs boxes, and even my ribbon jar! stickers - kay at home

X – X-Stitch

My cross-stitch supplies used to be in one big box, and it’s been gradually condensed to a couple of shelves in my cupboard. It feels SO much more organised, and I know where everything is now!

I swear by these boxes, which are sorted by colour at the moment, though not by shade. Maybe eventually!


Y – Yet to Come

Plans, plans plans! 

I have a few things I want to do in here this year. I’d like a shelf or two, and that will mean I can rearrange things slightly. As I said earlier in this post, I’d like to replace the grey plastic drawers by my desk, but they would need to be the right size. I also want to sort the corner and the rocking chair out too. I would LOVE to have a unit for the printer to sit on, though I wonder if that’s a bit ambitious for this year. So that may have to wait!

Z – ZzzzZzzzzz

So… what is under the blue sheet?

A bed. Well, a fold out bed. This is why I’d like a unit put in. Ideally a cupboard which the fold out bed can sit in. This will mean it doesn’t have to be covered with a sheet! And will make the room look nicer generally! The cupboard could then double up as storage for any guest staying in the room! hidden secrets - kay at home

This room doubles up as a spare room, on the very rare occasion we have a single guest. We do also have a sofa that folds out too, but it’s nice to be able to give someone a space properly, so if it’s only one person I move things around a little bit and this room becomes a quite nice guest room. I’d have done it, and taken photos, but yeah, lazy!

I hope  you enjoyed this little tour of the craft room! Feel free to ask me anything if you want more information, I can try my best ot remember where things are from etc!!

Do you have a crafty space? What would your dream space be like?


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2019 scrapbook (1) STTE HNY

Hello 2019!

HNYThe last few months have been a whirlwind of activity here on the blog, with blogmas and even before that, and I am really hoping this will continue. I’d like to begin by thanking you – without you here, reading, leaving likes and comments and sharing on Social Media, this little blog would be far less successful! So thank you for stopping by!

This year, I have a few things lined up already, I am going to carry on posting as usual on Tuesdays and Fridays, but occasionally might add one or two in the week to keep things interesting! It will be the usual mix of craft, days out, and randomness!

2019 Movie Challenge

I’m a big movie fan, and watch way more films than TV, and of course Stu and I head to the cinema fairly regularly! I have of course already spoken about the Movie Challenge for this year, which is always a nice bit of fun, and this year I’m supporting friends too!


It’s always nice to start the year with a plan! I will of course continue to make cards throughout the year, and am planning to share my makes more often with you, so expect to see some of those every month or so!

Knitting wise I don’t have much lined up, I want to go back to working on my jumper, so that’ll make an appearance, and also I need to knit a mug cosy or two for a travel mug at some point soon! Knitting, Yarn, Lilac, Grey, Mix Yarn, Kay at Home, Patternless JumperIt feels like ages since I’ve done any cross-stitching, I wasn’t feeling it much last year, but have three kits sitting in the craft room which I want to finish by the end of the year! This may be quite ambitious!

The Scarf: The ScarfI got this kit by Bothy Threads for my birthday and I love Santoro and Gorjuss! This design is one of my favourites… I have JUST started this one, you can see here.

Love Tree: Love TreeStu got me this kit a couple of years ago, also from Bothy Threads. I’ve always loved this design, it’s just so pretty! I love all of the colours!

Charlestown: CharlestownThis one I got from Stu for Christmas 2017! From Sybilla Davis, Charlestown is one of my favourite places in Cornwall, and this kit is STUNNING! Sybilla designs and sells kits of lots of beautiful places in Cornwall and beyond, and I wanted one for ages but couldn’t choose! I would have stitched this last year but totally lost my stitching mojo for ages!

Scrapbooking, I was going to update on 2018’s book at the end of the year, but my printer ran out of ink, so yeah, no photos! I will do this asap and backdate it! But of course I will be starting a new book this month! I wonder what my theme will be!!

I will of course also share any seasonal makes that pop up too!


I don’t currently have anything planned at home, though I’m SURE this will change before too long! Generally it needs a good clean and tidy post-Christmas and I want to sort out my craft room. If there’s anything you’d like to see be sure to let me know in the comments!!

Days Out and Holidays

There is SO much more of Cornwall I would love to share here on the blog, and I still want to share somewhere every month, so hopefully that will continue! If there is anywhere you think I should check out be sure to get in touch.

At the moment we have no holidays planned, but I will keep you posted with any updates! Our list of places we want to go is HUGE but it’s a question of when and whether we can get time off as we’re both pretty busy!


ed2f4-craftblogclub-badge-291x300I am still very much running Twitter chat #CraftBlogClub as well as the CraftBlogClub blog, and social media accounts. We’ve even been nominated for a UK Blog Award!

Honestly I look forward to every chat. There are SO many wonderful, talented people involved. We have SO much fun lined up for this year, including chats covering various themes & topics, challenges and giveaways! Do stop by if you are interested in crafts, no matter your ability or experience, we’re a friendly welcoming group! You can find out what we’re up to in 2019 here.

Date Night

As a couple, Stu and I have loved the response to the Date Night posts, and this year we want to shake it up a bit, while we love the tags (feel free to call out to us!) we want to also share some local places and things we love, as well as other randomness!

If you want us to do a Q&A at some point this year, just drop a message on Twitter or Facebook and make it clear it’s a Q&A question – when we have a bunch, we’ll do a post!

Social Media

I will be sharing different things on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too so be sure to follow! I love a good chat too, and if there’s anything you want to see either on the blog or one of the other platforms, be sure to let me know! I know some people wanted to see more ME on Instagram stories, so I’ll have to brave video a bit soon!

If you blog about anything similar to any of the content here, and would like to write a guest post, be sure to get in touch! Same goes for if you’d like me to write a post for you too! I am also open to reviews etc, so if in doubt contact me, my details are below!

Thank you so much, again. I’m really looking forward to another fun year here on the blog!


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Blogmas 2018 – *Date Night* – Our Favourite Christmas Movies

Wait a minute! It’s not Friday! We hear you cry! Well, it’s Christmas…

So it’s another *Date Night* but it’s blogmas, so we thought to kick off some pre-Christmas fun we’d chat about our favourite Christmas movies! We both love Christmas and watch loads of films throughout December, and we’ll share some more with you in the next couple of weeks but today we’re sharing 3 Christmas movies we really love!

Xmas 17

Christmas 2017

Kay – Four Christmases (2008) Xmas Faves (1)I love a Christmas rom-com, (I’ve already watched way too many on Netflix this year!) I could have picked loads; Love Actually, The Holiday (more a new year movie no?) or even Bridget Jones, but Four Christmases is so funny! A modern take on family festivities with a couple who have to visit all four of their parents and other family (as they are separated), all in one day! I think it’s a bit of an underrated gem and we watch it every year!

Stu – Jack Frost (1998) Xmas Faves (2)Such a good film! Jack Frost has an amazing soundtrack, it’s less cheesy than a lot of Christmas movies (not always a bad thing, but a break is nice.) Keaton is (as always) brilliant, and the story is genuinely heartwarming. A must watch every December!

Kay – The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) Xmas Faves (4)Such a classic story, and not the only take on A Christmas Carol we watch over Christmas! I love the songs in this version, and I don’t think there’s a more christmassy story than A Christmas Carol!

Stu – The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Xmas Faves (3)It’s iconic isn’t it? Doesn’t everyone love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Disney (kinda, I mean they own it now.) A slightly creepy take on Christmas, fun songs… It’s just great fun!

Kay – Santa Claus The Movie (1985) Xmas Faves (5)This movie is as old as I am… As far as I can remember I have watched this every year at Christmas, and for YEARS it’s been my Christmas Eve movie, watched in my PJ’s with a big mug of hot chocolate. Yes it’s cheesy, and pretty dated by now, but I just love it; John Lithgow plays a brilliant villain, David Huddleston is an amazing Santa Claus and Dudley Moore is great fun as Patch (complete with a ton of elf puns (and I love puns!) It’s a fun simple Christmas movie, and it just wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

Stu – A Christmas Carol (1999) Xmas Faves (6)This is my favourite Christmas film. This is a more serious, true-to book version of the Dickens story. Patrick Stewart is amazing (of course!) as Scrooge, there is a great supporting cast, and there is nothing more Christmassy than A Christmas carol! This is the film we watch to end Christmas Eve, chilling once everything is finally done, it’s become tradition! (As well as laughing at the kid saying “Whoops” at the end, which we assume was the actor mis-reading a stage direction in the script!)

beverage blur candy candy cane

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Another thing we both love is Christmas specials/Christmas episodes, if movies aren’t your thing, here are some of our favourites!

  • Blackadder -Blackadder’s Christmas Carol
  • Community – Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas (we love this show, all year round, and the other Christmas episodes are amazing too, but this one is a must!)
  • Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special
  • Father Ted: A Christmassy Ted (I even have the christmas episode downloaded on iTunes!)
  • Sherlock – His Last Vow (I know there are other Christmas episodes but I just LOVE this episode so much!)
  • ‘Allo ‘Allo Christmas Specials – such a classic show which we re-watched last year!
  • Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge – Knowing Me Knowing Yule
  • Only Fools & Horses Christmas episodes – Pure nostalgia!
  • The X Files – How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
  • Home Improvement Christmas episodes, such a great show! It needs to return!

What are your favourite Christmas movies or TV episodes? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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My Upcycled Craft Room – Statement Cork Notice Board With Crown Paints*

This post contains a product I was gifted in return for an honest review*

My craft room has possibly been my longest running work-in-progress and may never be finished! But that is life as a creative person right?

The room is a blend of repurposed and upcycled furniture, as well as handmade doors for my craft cupboard, and handmade decorative pieces. And of course little things I’ve been sent or given, like this very appropriate Calvin and Hobbes cartoon- Craft Room Nov 18 (4)I seem to add something every year, and this month I decided to add a cork notice board that has been sat unused in a corner since we moved into the house a few years ago. There was just one problem. It just looked too boring. The room just needs more colour!Painting Notice Board (1)That of-course meant one thing- an upcycling project!

After a lot of thinking, and plotting, Crown Paints offered me a 40ml sample pot of my choice*, which was the perfect size for my project! Painting Notice Board (2)I chose a sample of Crown Feature Wall Paint in Secret Escape* as a vibrant pop of colour is just what the room needed! Painting Notice Board (3)Once my sample arrived, the work was really easy. I taped the edges of the board and painted the frame, for the first coat I used a brush, as I wanted to be sure to get into any cracks in the wooden frame, and for the second, the sample pot actually has a foam pad built into the tube, giving a nice even coat to finish. The paint was quick and easy to apply, and as someone who isn’t brilliant at painting, I didn’t drip paint everywhere. It also didn’t make the room smell like paint, and considering it’s been raining, and pretty cold, I didn’t need to have the windows wide open while I worked and while the paint dried. It has a nice matt finish, and the colour is perfect. Craft Room Nov 18 (2)I absolutely love this colour, and once it had dried on the notice board, as I had some paint left in the sample pot, I decided I would paint the drawer fronts on my shelves too!

Craft Room Nov 18 (3)

Loki supervising. The trouble with working in November is that it’s always dark. I will update pics when I have good daylight!

Now it is finished I am really happy with how the room looks! It definitely adds a nice bright pop of colour, and means I have somewhere to pin any notes or keepsakes instead of just sticking them to the wall! Craft Room Nov 18 (1)

What do you think?

Have you upcycled anything at home? Would you consider it?


This post contains a product I was gifted in return for an honest review*

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What’s Happening – August 2018


I haven’t done one of these posts for a few months, so I thought I’d check in and say hello! KayThis last month has been amazing here on the blog and so if you’re one of my new followers, (or not! All of my lovely followers are equally awesome!) Welcome, thank you and please do comment and say hi on Twitter, Insta or Facebook, I love hearing from people!

So, what’s been happening?

It’s been a great summer, lots of days out and generally enjoying the sunshine here in Cornwall! We’ve done some things I love every year like the car showsimg_8519And some new things like Cornwall Comic-ConTardis (2)I haven’t been going to the Cinema as much, but did go and see Christopher Robin this week, and we saw The Meg last week.

At home we’ve glided through the Movie Challenge so far, it has been a fairly easy one this year, we have something a little more challenging lined up for next year though!

My reading “challenge” hasn’t gone very well so far, but there’s still time for me to catch up so I have hope I’ll crack on and read some more soon!

Craft wise, not much happens in the summer on the cards front, just because I don’t have many Birthdays, but it does give me the opportunity to work on some other things, like sewing, which has been progressing nicely! It’s been nice to spend some time doing that, and of course I’m still scrapbooking. The knitting WILL progress now it’s less hot.

What’s new!

Oooh fun things are afoot! This final third of the year (eeek!!) there will be some new things occurring! So keep an eye out for some newness!

I have been looking more into collaborating with brands and bloggers, so hopefully you’ll see some new posts from me, some guest posts, and maybe even seeing me away from here chatting to other bloggers! EK Punch XmasI’ve actually done HUGE amounts of crafting behind the scenes, because I have decided to do Blogmas this year! I’m very excited, if you know me already you’ll know I LOVE Christmas, and I’m also using as an opportunity for some guest posts! So you won’t get sick of me posting for a whole month.

And if that wasn’t enough…

You can still expect to see more days out, more scrapbook layouts as the year progresses, and of course seeing any crafty projects I manage to finish!

So, on that note, as you’re here, is there anything you’d like to see, or see more of, or less of? Anything else? Feel free to leave a comment, Email me (it’s down the bottom there somewhere) or of course you can contact me on social media!


This or That Challenge Tag

I saw this over on Jenny’s blog Jenny in Neverland, and decided it’d break things up a bit, and I don’t very often post much about me personally, so it’d be nice to have a bit of a break from the norm! So a post all about, well, me!So here we go,  a quite random 23 questions. I won’t tag anyone, but feel free to copy them down and post your own, and send me a link so I can be nosey and see your answers!

Shower in the morning or in the evening?

Usually evenings for me, my hair takes forever to dry, and whenever possible I don’t like to blow dry it, so it has to be really. Also then I just have to have a quick wash in the morning, so don’t have to get up so early (because morning person I am not!). Also if on the rare occasion I decide to straighten my hair, it takes ages, so at least it’s washed and dry before I start! 

City center or close to nature?

Both? We’re in the city centre, and that’s great for me, because I don’t struggle to get anywhere, as I don’t drive. Having everything I need within walking distance is a bit of a must! Luckily though living in Cornwall, natural spaces are never too far away. Growing up I didn’t have that, but I am so happy having so much choice of where to spend time now, be it country gardens, city shops or sandy beaches!

Bright colors or neutrals?

I love colour, but still tend to stick with black, white, blue or grey with a pop of something more vibrant! Love a bit of bright red lippy though!

Weird or stupid?

Weird… Definitely weird, it keeps things interesting!

Stupidity is somewhat vexing, especially if it is simply willful ignorance!

Spring or autumn?

Oh Autumn! I love it, still warm, but so much colour! I do like spring, because it’s the end of winter, and things get a bit brighter and cheerier, but I love Autumn, when it starts to cool down enough for wearing boots and comfy jumpers, and sitting with some nice crusty bread and a bowl of soup! Not to mention my birthday is at the end of November, and of course the lead up to *that time of year* and all the excitement of fireworks and halloween!

Ah it’s so hot right now. I’m loving the summer, but I am sort-of looking forward to it cooling down a little! I’m not a big fan of all the rain though!

Mint or cinnamon?

Mint! I’m not a big fan of cinnamon generally.

Planned or spontaneous?

Planned. I don’t dislike spontaneity, but I do prefer to be organised and at least have a vague plan! I don’t handle surprises very well! I’m fine if I know nothing at all, but I prefer knowing what’s happening.

A movie at home or at the movie theater?

Both! I love going to the cinema, but I watch more films than TV generally! So both it is! 

Espresso or latte?

Neither, I don’t drink coffee at all! Tea all the way! (Milk, one sugar, thanks!)

Asking questions or answering questions?

I’m probably better at answering, I feel like I’d be pretty bad at trying to come up with something like this, for example! (SEE BELOW)

Hugs or kisses?

Hugs, there’s something SO good about a GOOD hug. Just amazing!

Spicy or mild food?

Spicy. Not too hot, but yeah, thinking about a lot of food I like, I’d have to go with spicy.

Leather or lace?

If I had to choose, then leather, as someone who owns around three or four leather jackets… which are all weirdly similar… Mixing the two can be a great look though!

Overdressed or under-dressed?

Neither… Appropriately dressed! Unless I’m just chilling at home, then possibly under-dressed. Thanks to my cats I have far too many pairs of crappy leggings with holes in them!

Adventure or comfort?

How adventurous an adventure?! I’m in, ok, adventure! Why not! (But comfort after?)

TV-series or movies?

I’ll surprise everyone here, and say MOVIES! Obviously. 

There are a few series I really love though… I should post on the blog more about films and stuff. What do you think?

Rock or country music?

Both. Genuinely love both genres. I like quite a wide range of music in fairness!

Red or white wine?

Hmmm… I like both. White wine is nice in the summer because it’s cold. But I’d probably generally choose red over white… 

Working alone or in a team?

I say both a lot don’t I?! Working alone has its perks, I’m pretty organised, and can manage perfectly fine alone, but when there’s a good team it’s great for motivation, and support. So both. 

Swimming or sunbathing?

Swimming. Possibly. I don’t do much of either anymore, but I’d feel too much like I should be doing something else if I was just laying around in the sun… Unless I’m on holiday and supposed to be relaxing! I used to really enjoy swimming. 

Fast food or sit-down restaurant?

Restaurants are so nice. It’s a nice escape. Gets us out of the house… I mean fast food is great too, but I’d rather go to a restaurant given the choice!

Matched or mismatched socks?

Matched. I imagine the boyfriend would lose his mind if I started wearing odd socks haha!

Dancing or singing?

Singing. I love to sing. A lot. I always have, though less publicly these days!

I thought I’d add a couple in, because 23 is an annoying number… or to me it is anyway, these are optional!

Knitting or sewing?

For me-of course-this is both, I do machine sewing (a little) and of course Cross-Stitch, but I like knitting. I’m waiting for the weather to cool down a bit before I get back on my knitting projects that have been patiently waiting for me!

Craft at home – or anywhere?

I do mostly craft at home, though I’ve been known to take things away with me, and even buy crafty stuff on holiday because I didn’t bring any with me! 

I’ve also done plenty of making on the go, whether it’s finishing something off in the car, or taking projects to work on in my lunch break at work!

I hope you enjoyed this post, as a bit of randomness to break up the norm, and a little more ME here, than usual! Let me know if you do this too, or have done before!