Project Garden (Part 3) Bright Bunting

Coming up with ways to brighten up a boring, and rather grey corner of the garden without modifying anything (as we rent), can be a bit tricky, but this is a really quick and easy project, that you can do for all sorts of occasions, or, like me, just for fun! Project GardenI got this bunch of cotton FQ’s a little while ago, because I thought the colours were really fun! At the time I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to use them for, the brighter coloured fabrics are what I used for this project:TRIE5557I used my Cricut to cut two triangular pennants from each fabric, mostly because it was quicker, though the Cricut Maker does have a really nice clean finish with cutting fabric. Of course you can just make a template and cut them out by hand, in the end, not wanting something too big, my pennant triangles were around 5 ins across and 7ins long.

I pinned each of the pieces evenly across a couple of metres of bias binding, which I picked up along with some extra fabric at my local fabric shop, and ran it through the sewing machine, though again you could do it by hand, I just didn’t want it to take too much time!IMG_0907

The finished bunting is just pinned to the fence, though it goes a long way to cheering up the grey! The reason I didn’t do bigger or longer bunting was mostly because that’s where the decking is, so it’s where we sit, but also because it’s a bit of a wind trap, so it would only end up coming down or getting massively tangled if left up. IMG_0979

Over all for a quick project, I’m really happy with how things turned out! Just got to have the time to spend out in the garden now! With rain on and off for the last few days, it’s not feeling much like summer at the moment!

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Knitting in Brights – Summer Jumper Project

A quick one for you today, as I’m very busy, but it’s a bit of colourful fun!

I fell in love with the look of this yarn in Poundland and tried to talk myself out of it, assuming the quality would be awful… Summer Knit (1)Of course a couple of weeks later, I gave in, and picked up three 50g balls for £2 (3 for 2) and decided I’d make a loose knit, lightweight jumper for the summer, because I’ve seen a few around, and I thought the bright colours of this yarn gave a fun summer, festival vibe.

At this point I’ve done one side, which has been incredibly quick and easy to knit, as I’m using 9mm needles. I’m still working on it though, and unlike my other jumper I may actually finish it in the near future!Summer Knit (2)

It’s actually really nice, I balled the yarn to check for any issues with it, and the first ball was completely fine, and the second (which I’ve by now balled too, had one part knotting two ends together, but it’s fine for what I’m making. Quality wise it’s not bad at all, and hasn’t gone too fluffy or had any other issues, considering the price I am pretty pleasantly surprised!

I ended up using just over one ball for the side, and so, I am assuming I’ve got enough with the three I bought, though I may have got Stu to pick up three more when he was in town, because even if I have enough, I just LOVE the colours and might make a shawl or something!

Suggestions are welcome – feel free to comment with any ideas below. kayathomelogo

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Shadow Box Frame Gift*

I was very kindly gifted a product within this post from Hobbycraft,

the gifted item has been clearly marked with an *

For Valentines day yesterday, Stu and I didn’t really have much planned. Neither of us really buy into the day, though we use it as an excuse to give each other a little present, and some chocolate (because any time is a good time for chocolate!). This year I decided I was going to make Stu something I’d promised a while ago!

I worked until 9pm, so we didn’t actually see each other until the evening! So we got a kebab and chilled watching Game of Thrones (we’ve been re-watching from the beginning, ahead of the new season coming out soon!) romantic huh!?

Stu got me another Funko Pop for the collection, IMG_0319I absolutely LOVE Edward Elric, we watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood a few years ago and both loved it, I even have a full costume, which I’ve worn to comic-con at a couple of different events!

For Stu, I wanted to make something for him. I had a handful of old guitar picks, and knew I wanted to use them somehow, though I hadn’t got as far as planning a layout or anything yet.

Then I was very kindly gifted this fab 30x30cm Deep Shadow Box Frame* from Hobbycraft. frameI love the frames in Hobbycraft, they come in black, white and grey, and have a few around the house, they’re great for craft projects, and photos, and I’ve even bought them to frame gifts in the past, and definitely will again, as they’re really good value!Live Dream Rock - KayAtHomeI decided I would make stu a music based frame, because he loves his guitar, and music. I drew out the rough design, adding in the music note in pen, before sticking everything down. I found a fun photo of us from last year, and matted it on shiny silver cardstock to tie in with the DCWV chipboard elements from the Rock King collection, which I’ve had for ages in my stash. Finishing up making a feature of the guitar picks.

Did you make anything for Valentines Day?

These frames* are genuinely great for displaying artwork, collages, mementos or even scrapbook layouts! I really like the idea of making a few more of these to display! Even utilising the depth a little more than I have here, though this wouldn’t have worked in a standard picture frame.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! It was just a chance to share something I made recently!

I was very kindly gifted a product within this post from Hobbycraft,

the gifted item has been clearly marked with an *


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Valentines Gift Ideas – Handmade With Love*

I was gifted some of the products within this post from Hobbycraft,

gifted items have been clearly marked with an *

Valentines Day, is something neither Stu or I take very seriously, though we sometimes give fun gifts to each other anyway! It’s only a couple of weeks after Stu’s birthday, so we’re usually pretty relaxed about it.

It is however a chance to do a bit of crafting here on the blog, though I would say that although some are Valentines products, they could be made and given for many occasions, from birthdays, anniversaries to Mothers Day (March 31st UK readers),  and of course weddings!

Do you do any seasonal crafting?
Valentines, Kay at Home Blog PostHere are three cute handmade gift ideas made with some products I was kindly gifted from the lovely people at Hobbycraft. I of course worked on some content here with them over Christmas, and though these items were gifted, I do also frequently shop there myself!

Striped Heart Hoop Cross Stitch Kit*

Striped Heart Cross-Stitch Hobbycraft £8.00Hobbycraft Valentines Cross Stitch Kit, kayathome.wordpress.comI’ve loved cross stitching for years. This heart design is bright and modern, and the kit* is complete with everything you need to stitch it yourself, with needle, threads and aida, as well as a detailed, full colour pattern, and an embroidery hoop. Valentines, Kay at Home Blog Post 2It took me about a week to stitch, working in the evenings with the TV on. I found the pattern generally good, though whoever designed it, doesn’t know what 1/2 cross stitch is, some of the fractionals were a bit of a pain, and I almost ran out of the cream colour thread, but overall it was quite a nice relaxing project, and the finish was good. I think it would be a fab project to receive as a gift, or even to make for Mother’s Day or similar.

Heart Shaped Craft Punch* Love Hearts

Hobbycraft Craft Punch Heart Shape 1 inch £4.50Valentines, Kay at Home Blog Post 5There are several variations of the project I made using the heart punch*, it’s a really simple idea, punch or cut out a bunch of shapes using paper or thin card, write messages or something on the pieces, put them in a jar, and the idea is it’s something cute to last beyond Valentines Day (or birthdays). I chose to write some things to do! So whenever we have a free day and no idea what to do, we can pick something! Instead of a jar, I reused a plastic heart shaped bauble from a gift I received!Valentines, Kay at Home Blog Post 6The punch* worked well on different thicknesses and types of paper. I own other Hobbycraft punches, which I’ve bought myself and I consider them a must have in my stash!

Colour in ‘Love’ Canvas*

Love Colour in Canvas Hobbycraft £4.50Valentines, Kay at Home Blog Post 3I chose to colour in the canvas using only a few colours, trying to stay away from the norm of pink! I wanted to end up with something vibrant and fun. Valentines, Kay at Home Blog Post 4It was really easy to colour in the canvas, and the sharpie ink covered it well, it didn’t come with any hooks for hanging, but you can get hold of them easy enough, we haven’t put it up anywhere yet, but we want to redecorate the bedroom this year, so it might go in there then!

Handmade Valentines Cards

I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few handmade Valentines card ideas too! I make all of my cards, and have done for years now.Handmade Valentines Cards, KayAtHome.wordpress.comI have been trying to use up my stash for my cards this year, so all of the papers are from stash, I used the heart shaped punch* from above for two of the cards, some cork stickers for the third. Valentines, Kay at Home Blog Post Cards 2For the backing of this card I used a lilac and white heart print paper. I made the envelope on the card from some cardstock, colouring the inside with a glittery pen, filled it with punched hearts, tied it with a ribbon before sticking it to the card with double sided tape. I added a handwritten sentiment, and another heart for decoration.Valentines, Kay at Home Blog Post Cards 3I LOVE this paper, the denim look inspired me to use a glitter pen to draw a stitch type edge, adding the cork stickers, and stamping the sentiment in bronze ink, colouring it in with coordinating blue pen.Valentines, Kay at Home Blog Post Cards 4This might be my favourite make. I stamped the lettering (Disney, Minnie Lettering) in black ink, colouring them in with pink pen, leaving the polka dots white to match the backing paper. I cut them out, sticking them on plain black cardstock, layering onto two different polka dot papers, and finishing with pink, on a plain white card. I added more punched* hearts to embellish. I love how bright it is! Hot pink and black is one of my favourite colour combinations for cards.

Will you be making something by hand for Valentines Day? kayathomelogo

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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations -Past Projects


Christmas crafting is something I have done for quite a long time, and I thought now would be a great time to share some older projects featured here on the blog, for those who haven’t seen them before.

My “main” craft for a very long time, was cross-stitch, something I have plans to get back into more next year. A lot of my handmade decorations feature cross-stitching, so here are some posts to share:

Quite a few of my handmade decorations are from kits with various magazines, which is (as anyone who subscribes, or like me, has subscribed in the past) quite heavy on Christmas projects, here are a couple featured on the blog:

BaubleStocking baubles

These are really cute, and so easy to make! You can find out more in this post.House Bauble

Festive Houses

These are still some of my favourites! A nice combination of cross-stitch and Christmas fabric, they were super easy to make from the kit, and I ended up making another one later because they were so much fun to make! You can find the post here.10Sock Snowmen

These were something I saw online loads and really wanted to try out! They are versatile and so incredibly cute! I made far too many of these, including the three above, and made different hats and scarves, as well as a variety of fun buttons to decorate them!

You can read the post here.

The Cross-Stitch Advent Calendar

This was such a huge undertaking in the end. It took me far too long to get finished, but I got there eventually! 24 individually cross-stitched squares, stitched to felt pockets on a fabric base. The Advent Calendar, or The Big Project as it became famous among my crafty friends and me over the years it took for me to complete it, finally got finished last year! You can read about it, and see more here!

I hope you enjoyed this look back at some of my past makes!

Have you got any handmade decorations? Share below!




Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Gifts – Knitcraft Hug It Out Scarf With Hobbycraft*


This post contains a gifted product, the content of this post is entirely my opinion,

based on my personal experience.

There is something so special about giving a handmade gift, though of course it can be very time consuming an endeavour! Having an array of quick to make gifts to hand, can be great for last-minute ideas or emergencies, one quick to make project is a scarf. Hug it Out NeedlesI have so many scarves, I love changing them up, and I find them really fun and relaxing to make. My go-to knit for a scarf is garter stitch, simply because I don’t have to think about anything, and can simply knit in front of the TV, I generally have this kind of project stowed in a bag to take out as I can knit at friends houses, or even sometimes in the car! If you want a super quick scarf, chunky yarn, and chunky needles are your friend! ScarfThis scarf; the Knitcraft Hug It Out Chunky Scarf is a free pattern found on the Hobbycraft website, and knit with the Hobbycraft’s Knitcraft Hug It Out yarn in Turquoise* on 12mm needles. I was kindly gifted the yarn to make this scarf to share in this post. Hug it Out 2I’ve worn it a couple of times (though it’s pretty big and very warm, and hasn’t been particularly cold!) and it’s definitely a conversation starter – lots of people have commented on it! It’s really warm, soft and comfortable, and considering its size, it’s not too heavy either!IMG_9874The pattern states that you need 4 balls of Knitcraft Hug it Out yarn, and it is knit in garter stitch all the way down. I did make some minor changes, in the end I made the tassels half the recommended size, I tried using the amount of yarn in the pattern and it was enormous, so I used half as much and was happier with the size. Technically this meant I had yarn left over, but I ended up finding the 125cm length a little too short for my personal taste, so, after using 1 ball of yarn for tassel making, I knit 3 balls together giving me a final scarf length of 160cm. Hug it Out 3The finished scarf is so soft and cosy, I chose a nice bright colour as so many of my scarves are dark colours, I thought this would be a really fun addition to my collection! There are currently several colours available in the range, including blues, pinks, grey and red so you can find a colour for everyone. Best of all it is machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

There are several free patterns on the Hobbycraft website, including jumpers, cowls and cushions, and honestly this yarn is so nice, and easy to work with, I’d really recommend it, if you are looking for a quick handmade project, whether for a gift, or for yourself!

This post contains a gifted product, the content of this post is entirely my opinion,

based on my personal experience.


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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Cards -Christmas Sparkle

Blogmas16As in my previous card making posts as part of Blogmas, I will make and share four different cards to fit the theme. Today I’m sharing some sparkly cards in black, white and gold. These will be produced using a variety of methods, just to show how versatile it can be, making your own.

If you want to know how I made a specific card in more detail, get in touch, and I can explain further on the Facebook page.

The papers I used for these cards all come from the Dovecraft Festive Wonders paper pad.IMG_9767These cards are great for using up off cuts of paper, which is great if you (like me,) are using smaller cards than your sheets of paper. I embellished with some sparkly gold ribbon, gold glitter sentiments and layered glitter stars, all of which I bought from Hobbycraft, and black bows from my stash.IMG_9769These are probably the style of cards I make the most in some form or another. I just loved this paper and didn’t want to do much to it! I finished with some gold glitter ribbon, making a bow using a glitter brad from my stash, and a simple stamped sentiment.IMG_9768This was just a simple card I made for the fun of it, lots of stickers and some stamped stars, I wasn’t seriously trying to create anything useful but ended up really liking the cards so they got a sentiment sticker and I ended up making a handful of them!IMG_9766This card was one I really wasn’t sure about when I made it, I wondered if the paper would be too plain, though I loved the design. It ended up being one of my favourite makes of all of my Christmas cards! I love adding ribbon or tape at an angle, it’s fairly common when I make cards just because I think it’s interesting(!) I finished with a different stamp and well this is he result! What do you think?IMG_9776This is one of those cards that more work ended up going into it than necessary, I cut 4 squares and layered them with the stamped image (Finished by hand to add some gold, and a border) on a punched circle. I wasn’t happy with it, so added the ribbon, covering half the work! In the end though I think it’s quite stylish and nice! This stamp is one of my favourites though!

Which one do you like the most?





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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Cards – Traditional Christmas

As in my previous card making post as part of Blogmas, I will make and share four different cards to fit the theme. Today I’m sharing some more traditional styled Christmas cards.

These will be produced using a variety of methods, just to show how versatile it can be, making your own.

This second card post is probably my most common theme, traditional colours, very red and green, though I tried to have some fun with the cards I made!

If you want to know how I made a specific card in more detail, get in touch, and I can explain further on the Facebook page. IMG_9775These papers are SO gorgeous, I can’t remember the name of the stack, Vintage Christmas? Possibly! I know I got them last year, so they aren’t new. If you know feel free to tell me.

I punched red circles, layered onto this pretty tree print paper, and trimmed with some green ribbon, before finishing with some liquid pearls in silver. I did finish with some sparkly red sentiments after deciding this was a little too plain.

Again these were really simple to make but so pretty! I kept these cards plain, just patterned paper with some coordinating ribbon and a small snowflake charm. After Christmas the charms can be cut and turned into a “wish bracelet” which is quite fun!

The red papers are from Dovecrafts Festive wonders paper stack which I got this year.

IMG_9765I am a big fan of rosette cards, though they are hard to post, so I don’t make them very often! I chose to finish with a little robin sketch and some ribbon. IMG_9774I absolutely adore this paper! So I let it speak for itself on this card, I finished with these little wooden tree shapes, which I used a couple of years ago too! I just love them!
IMG_9772This card looks WAY more complicated than it is, but it might be my favourite of this “series” using several different papers from the Christmas stack I got last year, I punched several snowflakes, and alternated them into a circular wreath shape, gluing them into place, and finishing with some organza ribbon. I added one snowflake and a small gold sentiment to finish.IMG_9773

Over the month I will be sharing different styles of card, generally using punches, paper layering and stamping, though there will be different elements used here and there.

Which is your favourite card?

Is there anything you would like to see?






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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations – Festive Christmas Tree Garland*

This post contains items which I have been gifted*. All opinions are my own.IMG_9788[1]I was kindly gifted this fun felt Christmas tree Garland Sewing Kit* from Hobbycraft and HOW cute is this! I love the mix of colours and the decorative elements! IMG_E9577The kit contains:

  • Triangular felt tree pieces
  • Brown tree trunk felt pieces
  • Pom pom embellishments
  • Buttons for hanging and decorating
  • Ribbon pieces for decorating
  • Thread
  • Stuffing
  • Ribbon piece to cut for hanging loops
  • Long ribbon piece

IMG_9782To sew together, (some of the colours of felt are harder to sew than others,) there are a couple of methods you can use, I chose to blanket stitch the two pieces of each tree together and to embellish them once they were finished, though of course you could do this whichever way you prefer.

I sewed the fabric, buttons and ribbon pieces, and used tacky glue to add the pom poms (glue also from Hobbycraft, though from my stash this time! I swear by their tacky glue, it’s one of my staple craft items!) IMG_9780 I did add in a couple of things myself, purely because I wanted my trees to all look the same, so I added in some ric-rac ribbon and a handful of pompoms from my stash. IMG_9784I really like that the bunting simply loops onto the ribbon which you sew buttons on to. This will make it super easy to store away for next christmas without getting everything tangled! IMG_9785I placed the buttons a measured distance apart to display the bunting in the front window of the house, and I love how it looks – (apologies for the slightly bad photo, we have had abysmal weather this week! I will replace when I can) You get the idea! What do you think?

I moved them up to the top of the window as the cats were a fan! Here’s a night photo: IMG_9803I thought overall this kit was great! It was a nice small project to chill with during a couple of evenings, and I really liked the colours, and the variety of embellishments.

This fun kit would make a great gift or stocking filler, for a crafter, the age recommendation is 14+ which seems a little high for me, I’ve been sewing by hand since I was 7, so I think really it depends on ability, though as I say some of the sewing was more difficult. The decorative aspect would definitely be fine with kids, under supervision anyway.

Have you made bunting at home? Christmas or otherwise, why not share a link in the comments!


This post contains items which I have been gifted*. All opinions are my own.

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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Cards – Bright Christmas

Throughout Blogmas this year, there will be recurring topics, and one of these will be handmade card ideas! In each of these posts I will make and share some cards to fit the post title “theme”.

These will be produced using a variety of methods, just to show how versatile it can be, making your own Christmas cards.

This first card post takes me a little out of my comfort zone, as I am sharing cards in bright vibrant colours! I’m usually a much more traditional styled person when it comes to Christmas so it was really good fun trying out making cards in bright colours:

If you want to know how I made a specific card in more detail, get in touch, and I can explain further on the Facebook page.Bright Xmas (1)This card actually saw the death of my Christmas tree punch! (So sad!) This was the last one I did and I just went a bit crazy with a glitter pen, and it rebelled! But it’s quite fun! I actually really like the mix of colours, and in a couple of these the glitter stars were a bit neater (but I thought I’d show an imperfect one, in the interest of honesty!)Bright Xmas (2)This is a simple idea I really liked, a stamped sentiment layered onto coloured paper with a bow and a button. The white card is actually embossed with snowflakes, which doesn’t photograph well of a winter evening! I did a couple of these in different colours.Bright Xmas (3)This is possibly my favourite. I was trying to use colours that weren’t particularly “christmassy” though of course all colours are a go! I was really happy with how this turned out, simply stamping and colouring some parts, with gem accents.Bright Xmas (4)Ah a spinner card! Had to be done, I had some wooden reindeer left over from last year, and sandwiched two together with some metallic thread in between. The hole was easy with my circle punch, and I stuck the other end of the thread between the card and the paper layer. Finished using some purple glitter sentiment stickers.

I since added some purple glitter snowflakes to finish, but don’t have a photo!Bright Xmas (5)This shaker card is one of my favourites in this series, I kept it really simple with the stamped tree, which I coloured parts of silver. The shaker “bubble” is filled with two kinds of glitter; fine pink iridescent glitter which had gone a bit clumpy (but was quite snowy) and silver glitter, and some pretty blue sequins, all from my stash. I covered the cutout area with an off cut of some pretty white fluffy yarn, and finished with a blue wintery sentiment. It’s such a simple card, but works so well.Bright Xmas (6)

Over the month I will be sharing different styles of card, generally using punches, paper layering and stamping, though there will be different elements used here and there.

Which is your favourite card?

Is there anything you would like to see?






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