Somerset 2019 – (Part 5) – Dingles Heritage Fairground

A weekend away in Somerset was just what we needed in terms of getting away for a couple of days, though of course all good things must come to and end!

However, on the way home, we stopped off at once of our favourite hidden gems in Lifton Devon, Dingles Heritage Fairground… View of heritage fairground rides Continue reading


Somerset 2019 (Part 4) – Lytes Cary Manor

We had planned to visit two national trust sites on the Saturday of our weekend in Somerset, though after a morning at Montacute House, we finished looking around Barrington Court at around 3pm, and figured we had just enough time to visit somewhere else! So we headed to the nearby Lytes Cary Manor…Somerset 2019 - Lytes Cary Manor (2)

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Somerset 2019 (Part 3) – Barrington Court

Recently we spent the weekend in Somerset, just to get away for a couple of days! We’re on a bit of a budget at the moment, and so we decided to check out a couple of nearby National Trust sites, as we are members, so get free entry to lots of sites in the UK, which of course we haven’t explored before!

After a morning at Montacute House in Somerset, we hopped into the car and drove the — miles to Barrington Court a Tudor Manor house near Ilminster. Somerset 2019 - Barrington Court (6) Continue reading

Days Out – Visiting Sunny St Ives

St Ives March 24th (4)So, we had one of those rare moments recently in which we were both not working at the same time! So we decided to make the most of it, and drive down to St Ives for the day. It was a beautifully sunny day (if a little cold, I think we might have been in double figures for a short while but it was around 8°c)

We didn’t have much of a plan for the day, and while it wasn’t a busy day we parked in the car park at the top of the hill, though recommend parking and catching the train from St Erth, as this is FAR easier in busier months, and then you get to enjoy the views from the train on your short journey into St Ives! St Ives March 24th (21)When we had made our way down the very steep and long hill (another reason to get the train!) we had a relaxed wander through the town, checking out some of the shops, like Cath Kidston and the Whistlefish gallery, before heading down to the coast!

It was such a gorgeous day, and we loved seeing the Turnstones, which were so cute!

It was so nice just to be out for the day, and have a relaxed walk around taking photos, and generally enjoying the atmosphere, before things get too busy.

Of course, when you’re by the coast, what better to do, than stop for some fish and chips for lunch – and of course that’s just what we did! St Ives March 24th (11)We popped into Coast to Go, and had a fab chat about movies with the guy working there, before sitting down (inside to avoid the seagulls) and enjoying a LOVELY meal of fish and chips, which were really reasonably priced too! St Ives March 24th (12)

We had a really nice walk all the way down the coast, stopping off to take some photos of the Tate St Ives, which we want to visit at some point, though neither of us fancied it at the time. It’s a stunning building though, and has had a revamp in the last couple of years too! 

One of my favourite things, was walking out on the harbour to see this cute lighthouse and take some photos

It was such a great day, and it was wonderful to just slow down and have a wander with no agenda! There are so many little towns and villages like this in Cornwall, and it really does make me feel so lucky to have places like this so close to home!


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*Date Night* – February 2019

This post does contain gifted items but has not been sponsored in any way!

Just sharing because I really loved things, and thought you might too! 

Ah February! I don’t know about you, but it always seems like a long month!

We’ve not done much this month, because of working mostly, and a fair bit of abysmal weather that doesn’t make you want to go out! But here is a bit of a look over this month!Date Night Logo Kay at HomeValentines! We don’t usually make that big a thing out of valentines, in the evening of the day I worked, so most of the day we didn’t see each other at all! Though Stu met me from work at 9pm and we did get a kebab on the way home, and we watched a bit of Game of Thrones (we’re re-watching them all ahead of the final season!) which happened to be the Red Wedding episode, which we thought was pretty funny… Valentines, Kay at Home Blog PostAs much as Valentines Day isn’t that big a date on our calendar, I did enjoy working on some Valentines craft projects thanks to Hobbycraft (sponsored- gifted) this month, and if you missed it you can check out that post here. Live Dream Rock - KayAtHomeGift wise, for each other, I made Stu this box frame gift, and he got me another Funko Pop! for my collection! I adore Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, especially Edward Elric, (cosplayed as him more than once, including here) so obviously I LOVE this!IMG_0319We went out for dinner again this month, yet again to HubBox, which was totally not planned, but as ever enjoyable! We didn’t even take photos! We have said we’ll have to get more creative with places we eat! Do you have favourite regular places to go out for a meal or do you like to explore?

As I said earlier, work got quite busy in February, I’ve got new hours, which means sorting out a new routine(!) and it’s made me a bit more disorganised, but I’m getting there now, with a bit more of a plan!

Things we’ve loved this month:

At Home:

I’ve been reorganising the craft room again! Exciting things are coming to the blog soon!! The cats have liked the boxes! Me too, as well as what’s in them for, me they actually stay out of the way! Also while you’ve been in the craft room, I’ve played my guitar more learning new stuff!

Speaking of the cats we were sent a couple of goodies this month from the lovely Trevor at Enterprise XD Design, including this 3D printed ball for Sid and Loki! Not only is it the source of new entertainment for the cats, which being indoor, I like to change things up for them every now and again! And (bonus!) it’s bigger than most cat toys and doesn’t actually fit under the sofa! Much happiness all round!! Check out the Loki action shots!!


We’re still watching Game of Thrones, though we’re watching something else in between and in February, that was third (and final) season of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which we got pretty hooked on though we still can’t really decide who it was aimed at!! We’re up to Season 5 of Game of Thrones now… The finale is near!!


We’ve been watching a few more from the Movie Challenge list! Some good, some… Less than good. Some surprises. I do worry we’re watching too many of the films we really like too soon… Movie Challenge FebCinema:

We went to see How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, which was awesome! And Alita: Battle Angel, Which you didn’t want to see! I know I know, but I loved it.

Days out:

We did of course have a lovely visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and you can read about that one here! We were hoping for some baby animals, but were a bit early, so maybe we will visit again very soon! I’m sure we will at some point. We do want to do some new things this year though! Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (8)Along with the ball for the cats, Trevor sent us some 3D printed Thorks for taking out on our adventures! These are SO great for just putting in your bag, for snacking on the go, or even at home! 3D printed, and fully customisable to fit your thumb (or finger) uniquely. We’ve used these more than once, for example here with some cake:

They’re great for pasta at lunchtime too. I ate wotsits with mine when I was cross-stitching the other day so I didn’t get orange all over the fabric haha!

I especially liked having them in my bag when we got some chips as an alternative to disposable plastic forks!! So handy, as well as better for the environment! Plus of course I’m a big fan of indie biz! SO if you fancy getting some for yourself visit here! Trevor is also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and other than handy forks and cat toys makes coasters, trinket boxes and so much more… Even earrings like these!! Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (4)Huge thank you to Trevor, it was such a lovely parcel to receive and such a nice surprise to not just get something in the post for me, but a treat for us all! Happy house all round!


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A February Walk at the Lost Gardens of Heligan – Has Spring Finally Sprung?

This time last year, we were facing the Beast From the East, and hiding away from the cold and snow.

Snowman March 2018

Around this time last year we made this guy! Using up all the snow in the garden!

In comparison this last weekend has been beautiful, with sunny skies and temperatures bordering on (dare I say it?) warm!

I had a rare Saturday off work, so we decided to go out and actually enjoy the nice day, and went to renew our annual locals passes at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (7)I have blogged about Heligan before, and you can read that post here to find out more. Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (20)

We didn’t have much of a plan, simply choosing to have a wander around, and enjoy the day! I did take a couple of photos though, as coincidentally, there were a lot of crafty activities going on (as it was the end of the half-term break) and I thought it was a great chance to share how great Heligan can be for a visit!

They had crafts in the barn

This was truly stunning to look at!

There were also some animals to be found, though it is a little early for any babies to be around(!) These two were in the barn supervising the crafting!Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (9)

In the Stewards House cafe, (which is closed as a cafe during winter) there were two more opportunities to get creative, though these were more nature based,

There was the chance to make hanging bird feeder treats:

As well as making wildflower seed bombs

I thought this was really fun, and a great chance for kids to get hands on, and develop an interest in nature. Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (8)

Also happening at Heligan at the moment is a Sensory Story Trail, in partnership with the Sensory Trust charity based in Cornwall. This was really cool to see, walking around, with a great opportunity for everyone to have a really sensory experience of Heligan, no matter your age or abilities, with spots dedicated to sounds, textures and visual elements as you follow a story on a flyer and boards throughout the gardens.

It was such a lovely day, and though it was fairly busy, as always we didn’t feel at all crowded. Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (21)We stopped off to buy some plants from the shop, because I got the bug last year, and now have to have outside looking all nice now the weather is getting better! After this we of course had to stop and get a nice cup of tea and some cake too! Heligan Feb 2019, KayAtHome (22)If you’re interested in visiting Heligan and want to know what’s going on, you can find out more on the website.


This post has not been sponsored in any way

and is purely based on my experience.

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