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My guest blogger today is Axelle, an 18 year old French blogger and student – and who better to post about gifts for students? I really like Axelle’s blog, which I translate to English, because unlike her English, my French is shameful! She also likes bullet journaling and movies! She posts great pics on social media too! Students

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Hello everyone! My name is Axelle, I run the blog Axelle Student of Life, talking essentially of student life, and everything we learn adulting. Today, I am going to present you some perfect gifts for students, as well as some stocking filler gifts.

Big gifts:

Students - Bag

Example – available on Amazon

  • A new bag. Students, especially ones who live by themselves, don’t have this investment in mind.. But this investment can be however very important: for motivation, bag lifespan and mostly for comfort. I recommend you a bag with many compartments, which allow a simpler organization. Ive found some on Amazon with a phone charger compartment included, which are very useful for students.
  • A new lunch box with water bottle. So they can eat well while thinking about loved ones. To make it even more personal, you can create it on your own, many tutorials are available online (and I should really do my own as well!). If it comes with the new bag, be sure that it’s well-sized to fit into it. For the water bottle, I’ve seen that the fashion today is about transparent recipient with messages written in bold letters, like motivational quotes for example. It must not be too big in order to not overweight their bag, but with enough water to last.

    Students - Laptop case

    Example – Available on Amazon

  • Laptop or tablet case. A pretty case makes working on it even more enjoyable, trust me. I personally love the minimalist ones, two-three colors well-put together, but monochromes, furry, vintage-styled, cute case exist to fit every personality and taste. But the first goal to keep in mind is of course the protection, not just the design. This one can be created by you, just make sure it’s the perfect style for the tablet/laptop your student already have (or will receive from Santa?).
    bath blur brush candles
  • Something to relax them: a gift card for a professional massage, a gift box with products like exfoliate or lotions, a candle, an access to a spa/hammam, bath bombs. Everything that would make your student to forget the stress of school and focus on their well-being. gift cards
  • Entertainment gift cards: For example a year of Netflix, 6 months of Spotify, Deezer. We need those to make our brain relax too. Be sure that the motivation to succeed in studies is still maintained, but most time it’s just a life saver for some of us, in our most hard times, when school seems to be everywhere, we need to escape (mentally at least).

Stocking filler gifts:

Students - stationery

Example – Available on Amazon

    • Pencils, highlighters, tapes, sharpies kit that should last them until the next exams! Students - Memories
    • Photos and memories. Especially if they live alone while studying, they need to keep with them a part of their loved-ones, which will make them feel reassured and motivate them to work hard.

      Students - powerbank

      Example – Available on Amazon

    • A phone portable charger. Make sure the connectors fit their Smartphone (android and iPhones are different)

Thank you so much Axelle for writing this great post, these are great gift ideas, and perfect if you have a student in the family!

If you’d like to follow Axelle on social media, you can find her on Instagram and Twitter. You can also find her blog here.

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