Project Garden (Part 4) – Painted Plastic*

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There was something I had in mind for the garden, which I never thought I’d actually do, until I was chatting recently with the lovely people at Pinty Plus about a collaboration! Project Garden

Pinty Plus are sellers of Pinty Plus spray chalk paint, Evolution acrylic paint, spray blackboard paint and a range of jewelry making aerosols.

Plagued by windy and wet weather made this project a little harder than it could have been but getting Stu in to help, we got there eventually!

Going from this: Painted Plastic (1)

To this: Painted Plastic (6)

Painting plastic furniture isn’t necessarily easy, though we thought it was a really simple way to brighten up the corner, without resorting to anything permanent to the actual garden. We were kindly gifted* some primer for plastics, and two cans of spray paint in two colors. I chose Melon Yellow* and Water Blue*. Painted Plastic (5)

The steps:

  • Wash the furniture with soapy water, and rinse thoroughly
  • Wait until it is dry
  • Apply primer, evenly across the area you’re painting
  • Wait for that to dry (approx 15 mins)
  • Paint.
  • We applied a few thin coats to get even coverage, making sure to get in all the gaps and spaces.
  • Leave to dry.

We did find some colour transfer after the chairs have dried, so at the moment we are using towels to protect skin/clothing when sitting on the chairs, though I am hoping we can find some varnish or similar to both protect the chairs as they are outside year-round, and also stop the colour transfer issue.

Aside from the amazing colour, which looks gorgeous, and didn’t end up too light or too dark; the major advantage with this paint is the quick drying time, though we did find the finish wasn’t fantastic, once it had dried. Mostly due to chairs not being the easiest thing to paint, with lots of curved edges and little gaps, we found it was slightly difficult to get even coverage because it dripped quite a lot, though we went with layering thin coats, which may have used more paint than necessary. Also we’re not experts, and I’m sure there are ways to get a better finish when you’re not limited to a couple of evenings to contend with the recent weather here!

With the paint we were gifted, we found we had just enough to do the four chairs, and in the end I did buy another can of blue (lack of stock means yellow will happen later) for some touch up paint work a few days later, which looked a lot better.

Adding a bright tablecloth, and of course the other projects from this month, and we have a vibrant space that hasn’t altered our rented property! Which just goes to show with some small additions, you really can dramatically change a space.Painted Plastic (4)I do also have some fabric left from the bunting and am tempted to make some seat cushions too at some point, I didn’t have time this month though!painted-plastic-3.jpgHere is a photo of the corner as it stands at the moment, with some other bits and pieces added, I really love how it looks, it’s a much more inviting space, and I can’t wait to enjoy it over the summer, with friends and family. SO be sure to keep an eye on on my social accounts, where I’m sure I’ll share some photos!

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Project Garden (Part 3) Bright Bunting

Coming up with ways to brighten up a boring, and rather grey corner of the garden without modifying anything (as we rent), can be a bit tricky, but this is a really quick and easy project, that you can do for all sorts of occasions, or, like me, just for fun! Project GardenI got this bunch of cotton FQ’s a little while ago, because I thought the colours were really fun! At the time I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to use them for, the brighter coloured fabrics are what I used for this project:TRIE5557I used my Cricut to cut two triangular pennants from each fabric, mostly because it was quicker, though the Cricut Maker does have a really nice clean finish with cutting fabric. Of course you can just make a template and cut them out by hand, in the end, not wanting something too big, my pennant triangles were around 5 ins across and 7ins long.

I pinned each of the pieces evenly across a couple of metres of bias binding, which I picked up along with some extra fabric at my local fabric shop, and ran it through the sewing machine, though again you could do it by hand, I just didn’t want it to take too much time!IMG_0907

The finished bunting is just pinned to the fence, though it goes a long way to cheering up the grey! The reason I didn’t do bigger or longer bunting was mostly because that’s where the decking is, so it’s where we sit, but also because it’s a bit of a wind trap, so it would only end up coming down or getting massively tangled if left up. IMG_0979

Over all for a quick project, I’m really happy with how things turned out! Just got to have the time to spend out in the garden now! With rain on and off for the last few days, it’s not feeling much like summer at the moment!

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The #CraftBlogClub Upcycling Challenge 2019 – Reveal

I’m a big fan of upcycling, and even before I ran #CraftBlogClub over on Twitter, I took part in a couple of upcycle challenges in the group.

For the challenge back in 2016 I used my regained interest in sewing to update some old jeans:

I still love these and wear them quite often!

For the 2018 challenge, I did a few things, updating a top and a dress before going on holiday, and because I’d already done clothes, the biggest hit was of course my Belfast sink planter… Garden 2018 (1)Which is somewhat responsible for this years garden project, so as you can see, these challenges can be very inspiring!

This year, I wanted to do something a little different, and as I was already working on ideas for the garden project, which will include even more upcycling (I did say I was a fan!) So, for my challenge I came up with something incredibly easy! CraftBlogClub upcycle 2019 (8)If you have a sweet tooth, you may have already tried the desserts that come in these little jars… CraftBlogClub upcycle 2019 (2)If you’re unfamiliar they are Gü jars. (I am a big fan of the lemon cheesecake if anyone’s interested). They don’t come with lids, which is a bit of a pain, if you can’t leave things open, as if you search for ideas for reusing them, a lot of people use them as trinket jars, or even craft storage, (though this can be solved with a bit of fabric and ribbon) but I did love the idea of using them for candles. The only trouble is, I LOVE candles and have loads already. Though I do have citronella tealights for when we spend time outside, and I was of course planning on some garden content anyway, so I decided to add a dash of colour, and use them to make bright candle jars.

I may even attempt to use them for homemade candles at some point, as the jars are such a good size, though I’m currently working with what I have.

What I needed – CraftBlogClub upcycle 2019 (3)

  • Gü jars (some kindly given to me by a friend),
  • some permanent markers,
  • glass beads,
  • and you can’t make a candle jar without candles.

I should point out here that normal Sharpie will fade over time, and can of course be washed off. It can also be removed with rubbing alcohol or by writing over it again with permanent marker and simply wiping away.  If you want a more permanent result use glass paint or pens designed for writing or drawing on glass. I wanted to use things I have laying around, and generally these won’t be handled much so it should last a while. CraftBlogClub upcycle 2019 (4)I coloured in the sides of the glass using pen in alternating colours, finishing with a metallic colour around the edges to make the colours stand out. CraftBlogClub upcycle 2019 (5)Leave them to dry for a bit, and then add glass beads (mostly to fill the jar, and add a little weight as they’ll be used outside) and your tealight candle. CraftBlogClub upcycle 2019 (6)And there you have it, some pretty candle holders in bright colours, just right for spending summer evenings outside! CraftBlogClub upcycle 2019 (7)This was so easy, and of course it’s great fun to play around with the colours!

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Project Garden (Part 1) – Pots of Pretty

I’m somewhat new to the idea of gardening, and considering we rent our place, there is only so much you can do to create an outdoor space that is really what you want… right?

Wrong! I have begun June with a mission, to make the garden a fun, welcoming space we want to spend time in, so, join me this month for some fun creative ideas to add some joy to the outside of the house!

BBQ 2018

I don’t have many photos from the garden, as we don’t spend much time out there, so to show the utter lack of colour, enjoy this photo of me… with some wine!

To begin, let’s add some quick and easy colour!

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