2019 Scrapbook – The Beginning

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that every year, in some form or another, I scrapbook my year. I genuinely love doing it, and have a book for each year since 2011!

For several years, I had smash books, but then it became near impossible to find different designs, even on Amazon, and for last year I picked up this book in Wilko. IMG_6929[1]

Looking for 2019 I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I really enjoyed the book last year, but by the end, knew I wanted to do something a little different. Inspired by a conversation in a #CraftBlogClub chat recently, I once again have a (rather pretty) plain-page scrapbook from Wilko (not an ad, just happens to be where I found one): 2019 scrapbook (1)Someone commented, that the relaxed way I record the year is not that different from bullet journaling, something I’ve always liked, but see as more of a distraction personally (though I’m a big fan of checking out other people’s!) there are elements I enjoy, the pretty layouts, and especially the fun pages, recording what people read or watch through the year. This is what I have decided to incorporate into the 2019 book. 2019 scrapbook (2)This book is a 10x10in book, which is a bit bigger than last year, and again I chose it because unlike many, Wilko’s scrapbooks have a nice big binding, which is great if you want to stick things in and still be able to close it!

I have decided to half the number of pages per month(!) so each month will have one double page spread, and then following this, will be some fun pages! I will of course, as usual, share each month at the beginning of the following (so look out for January’s share in a couple of weeks or so!)

As I haven’t done any of the month spreads yet, I have had some time to work on a few of the other pages. Here is what I have so far:

The Movie Challenge 2019 scrapbook (3)I really love this challenge, it’s so much fun, and it’s really nice to do something where I haven’t chosen the films, though there are some I’m not all that big a fan of! Why am I recording it here as well as the blog? I’m intrigued as to what order we’ll end up watching them in, and whether we will end up having a block of similar films, or watch a variety throughout the year!

I love this layout, inspired by a google search of Bujo spreads, I made sure I had 102 spines to colour and write every film we watch for the challenge! As you can see, we’re still at 4, though our aim is a couple a week. (We’ve been having a GoT rewatch!)

Read More Books 2019 scrapbook (4)I am terrible lately at reading, I think I managed five or six books last year! I’m still hoping to read more this year, and I thought this fun page would inspire me to get reading!

TV Series 2019 scrapbook (5)We don’t have “normal” tv, though we do have Netflix, Prime and LOTS of box sets, we even occasionally end up watching a series round a friends place (Cobra Kai last year!) I just thought it would be fun to see what we end up watching this year.

I’m not 100% on how I’m going to use this page though, I know I don’t want to just write a list! Feel free to give me ideas!

Cinema 2019 scrapbook (6)We’re no stranger to our local cinema, and have even gone as far as seeing films on holiday (Jurassic World, in Paris comes to mind!) I need a space to keep all my tickets, and I’m just hoping this double page is big enough, we have around 25 films on our list so far!

This is all the pages I have done so far, though I know I want some sort of craft project tracker, just because I think it’ll be a fun thing to record. Possibly even a sort of daily or weekly thing. If you have any page suggestions do leave a comment!

And if you fancy more frequent glances into the book, just ask me on social media, I always keep my “year book” handy.

Do you have a bujo? Or a similar project to mine?


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