Inspirational Gifts For Kids – Quentin Blake and The Science Museum*

This post contains products I was gifted in return for an honest review*

Quentin Blake is well known, and well loved by many generations! Best known for his illustrations in books by Roald Dahl and David Walliams, his fun style is immediately recognisable, and has held a special place in my heart since reading many books featuring his illustrations from childhood!

On 19th October this year, the Science Museum unveiled commissioned artworks outside of the Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery, five stunning murals in Quentin Blake’s iconic style, depicting 20 famous and important men and women of science, including Ada Lovelace, who published the first algorithm for Charles Babbage’s mechanical computer; Francis Crick and James Watson who figured out the structure of DNA and Richard Arkwright and his spinning machine, to delight visitors of all ages.IMG_9650Alongside this wonderful display of artworks, the Science Museum have released a stunning product range, from prints to stationery, to suit every budget, which are perfect gifts for Christmas!

There have been many occasions lately where I have read stories of children feeling like they cannot pursue sciences, and these products are both beautiful and inspirational!

Some items, such as magnets, pencils and rulers are only available from the Science Museum store (it’s a great day out though, for all the family!), though many are available to purchase in their online store. The best part? All purchases support the museum too – there’s nothing like giving something back while you shop!

I was very kindly sent some of the items available, to share with you here on the blog:

This canvas tote bag*, which I have already been using! It’s a really nice sized bag, and I love the vibrancy of the colours! I’m all for reusable bags, especially those I can roll up in my handbag to carry around. This one has the added bonus of not being too girly so even Stu can carry it for me! Perfect for carrying books, PE kit, or science experiments!IMG_9655

I love colouring! I find it so relaxing, and the joy of this little A5 colouring book* is that you can easily take it anywhere! And it comes with some pencils too! Ideal for big and little kids, I like that it’s grown up enough for me not to feel too silly! But it would be a great stocking filler for any who love Quentin Blake’s illustrations, and the new artworks!IMG_9654 It is no secret that as a blogger and crafter I love all things stationery! This sketchbook* has great thick paper for planning layouts and designs, and how could I not be inspired by the amazing people in the illustrations?! It makes me want to get back into drawing!

A 30cm ruler* is a must have for well, anyone! I actually only have a folding one and am near-constantly borrowing from Stu, so now I have one of my very own!

I was also sent a full set of postcards* featuring all 20 of the men and women featured in the Murals, and their scientific accomplishment – IMG_9653All of the products are of beautifully high quality, and come highly recommended if you are looking for gifts this Christmas.

For more information please check out the website, and the online store, linked below:
Explore exclusively commissioned illustrations by Quentin Blake across a range of prints, accessories and children’s gifts.

This post contains products I was gifted in return for an honest review*


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