My Upcycled Craft Room – Statement Cork Notice Board With Crown Paints*

This post contains a product I was gifted in return for an honest review*

My craft room has possibly been my longest running work-in-progress and may never be finished! But that is life as a creative person right?

The room is a blend of repurposed and upcycled furniture, as well as handmade doors for my craft cupboard, and handmade decorative pieces. And of course little things I’ve been sent or given, like this very appropriate Calvin and Hobbes cartoon- Craft Room Nov 18 (4)I seem to add something every year, and this month I decided to add a cork notice board that has been sat unused in a corner since we moved into the house a few years ago. There was just one problem. It just looked too boring. The room just needs more colour!Painting Notice Board (1)That of-course meant one thing- an upcycling project!

After a lot of thinking, and plotting, Crown Paints offered me a 40ml sample pot of my choice*, which was the perfect size for my project! Painting Notice Board (2)I chose a sample of Crown Feature Wall Paint in Secret Escape* as a vibrant pop of colour is just what the room needed! Painting Notice Board (3)Once my sample arrived, the work was really easy. I taped the edges of the board and painted the frame, for the first coat I used a brush, as I wanted to be sure to get into any cracks in the wooden frame, and for the second, the sample pot actually has a foam pad built into the tube, giving a nice even coat to finish. The paint was quick and easy to apply, and as someone who isn’t brilliant at painting, I didn’t drip paint everywhere. It also didn’t make the room smell like paint, and considering it’s been raining, and pretty cold, I didn’t need to have the windows wide open while I worked and while the paint dried. It has a nice matt finish, and the colour is perfect. Craft Room Nov 18 (2)I absolutely love this colour, and once it had dried on the notice board, as I had some paint left in the sample pot, I decided I would paint the drawer fronts on my shelves too!

Craft Room Nov 18 (3)

Loki supervising. The trouble with working in November is that it’s always dark. I will update pics when I have good daylight!

Now it is finished I am really happy with how the room looks! It definitely adds a nice bright pop of colour, and means I have somewhere to pin any notes or keepsakes instead of just sticking them to the wall! Craft Room Nov 18 (1)

What do you think?

Have you upcycled anything at home? Would you consider it?


This post contains a product I was gifted in return for an honest review*

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