#CraftBlogClub Chat – Bloggers on Blogging

This is a recap of the fab #CraftBlogClub Twitter chat from January 23rd

Bloggers on Blogging

Some of these are repeated throughout but for ease of reading, here are the points given:

Top Tips:

  • Have a blog that looks good in all formats; both desktop and mobile especially!
  • Blogging should be a pleasure not a chore – write what is really interesting to you.
  • Blogging takes times, do not expect immediate results.
  • Write about what you love, love what you are blogging about – it shows.
  • Plan Ahead
  • Write about what interests you, it will be easier to think of what to write about and people will engage more with your writing
  • Be consistent!

Prepping and Regular Posting:

  • Keep things consistent so people know when you post.
  • Brainstorm-Prep-Do
  • Write regularly – if you type things up when you think of them, you’ll always have posts!
  • If possible plan ahead, if you have post ideas already – you have a jumping off point!
  • Plan your titles and work towards them.

Blog Features:

  • Regular features can be good, though can stand out less than individual posts.
  • Behind the scenes sharing interests people
  • Share your process, it makes you more human and approachable
  • Photos help break up walls of text.

Blogger Problems:

  • Lighting for photos – Light boxes, and daylight bulbs are handy alternatives for dingy days.
  • Photography – outside or by large windows usually works best.
  • It can be hard if you write about a niche topic, to be individual and stand out.

Beginner Bloggers:

  • Post regularly, at the same sort of times, people will be able to find your content more easily.
  • Share your posts on social media, and via email – but too often can be annoying
  • There are free stock photos available online to use – do not steal images from others not in the open domain.
  • Start small
  • If looking for ideas, check out daily prompts on WordPress, or social media

Blog Exposure:

  • Follow your stats, to see when people are most engaged with you and your content.
  • Post regularly and consistently
  • Share across social media.

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