Stylish Musical Decopatch Storage

It has been a lovely, sunny summer. At home, throughout the summer we have been sorting out, and making things look more tidy – which is easier said than done when Stu and I both love STUFF! (The Funko Pop collection alone is getting a little out of hand, though it hasn’t stopped me pre-ordering another one)!

We have some small shelves in our living room next to where I sit on the sofa, one of which used to have a plastic basket with all sorts of junk in it. Useful junk, such as 3D glasses for the cinema, glasses cleaning things for er…cleaning my glasses, odd bits of crafts I leave lying around and various pens and so on. Which is fine, but always looks a little untidy, and rooted through.

I kept saying we should just keep it all in a box, hidden away. It’s still easy enough to get to, but looks far nicer!

So I bought a card box from the craft shop and decided to try my hand at decopatching!


I’ve never done this before. Though it was quite successful (if a little difficult with two cats in the house, when it came to leaving it to dry!) I simply used PVA glue, (white glue) as opposed to something like Mod Podge, or decopatch glue, which would have given a glossier finish, as it is still relatively hidden on a shelf, and I had the PVA handy. I worked at it a little at a time, covering each side, and then going over different areas until it had the finish I wanted. And now it is in place on its shelf!

I’d definitely do this again. and my corner looks so much better now!

Do you have any handmade or decorated storage?

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