June Card Share

Cards June 16

Bright and summery cards! Handmade by Kay

I love giving handmade cards, they feel so much more personal, and are enjoyable to design and plan. It began when I started to struggle to find ‘the perfect card’ for people, in shops.

I now make cards for everyone, and have done fairly exclusively, for several years now. I use a range of mediums from cross-stitch to stamping, though paper layering and embellishing with buttons, ribbon and gems, is a favourite. There are times it is difficult and I will use paper piecing kits, though this is usually when I don’t have an alternative idea in mind, or want something specific I cannot produce on my own.

Every month I will do a card post, to share some of the cards I have made, including recent creations, and makes from the past.

If you’d like to see more of my cards and other makes, I have a “Handmade by Kay” board on Pinterest sharing everything from cards to cross-stitching.


Retro Style Kitchen Faux-Blind

One thing that I really wanted to do recently, was brighten up the window in our kitchen, as it was so plain, aside from our VW camper model collection.

I didn’t want curtains, as the kitchen is upstairs in our house, and isn’t remotely overlooked, so it’s not necessary. So I came up with the idea of making a faux blind, to just hang at the top of the window.

So I went into Truro Fabrics, my local fabric shop, and purchased this fab camper fabric…


Lovely and bright and very in keeping with the existing theme .

The trouble with my plan was, I haven’t sat down and used a sewing machine since high school. I was quite nervous, but knew that since I’d been given one several months ago, I needed to just sit and do it. Months later, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I did just that. I sat down, measured, pinned, and threaded, and got sewing! (You really don’t forget how, people kept telling me this, and I was dubious, but it’s true!)


To make the blind, I needed to add to the patterned piece, as it wasn’t wide enough for the window. So I measured up, cut and got sewing, adding some matching checked fabric to each side of the camper fabric, and hemmed all four edges.

And here is the finished article, a faux blind, which is just the fabric, doubled back onto itself. It is simply pinned to a piece of wood, that has been there all along, just waiting to be covered up! What do you think?

KAH Faux Blind

I also had a little fabric left over, and made a handy carrier-bag storer. Which isn’t only useful, but will stop Loki (the cat who does his best to live up to his name) emptying the bag that once held them, all over the kitchen floor!


These are incredibly easy to make, I hemmed the two ends, created little tube edges for ribbon, and then attached the two sides together forming a big tube, leaving the ends for the ribbon, turned it in the right way to hide all the seams, threaded ribbon through each end (I didn’t have elastic, but ribbon works fine) and filled it with bags!

I think I had a very successful first time back sewing, and am really pleased with the results!

Have you picked up any long forgotten skills?

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Past Projects – Campers in Cross-Stitch

I thought I’d share another completed project today, and I was trying to think of something bright and summery! One project, which (unusually) I made for myself back in 2011, still hangs on the wall in our house now! I really love it, and it was a really quick project too!


I am aware things aren’t all entirely straight here… It’s been sorted, this is an old photo!

I found the free cross-stitch pattern for the campers online, probably through google images, which is still my go-to when it comes to designs, closely followed by Pinterest! I of course edited this to make the real badge, as for copyright reasons you can’t use it in a pattern. (For those about to get on at me about breaching copyright, it is fine if you are making something for yourself or for a gift and not profiting from the finished piece, look it up).

I then looked for a frame. Originally I was going to stitch three campers in a row, but I spotted this 2×2 frame on eBay at random and KNEW it would be perfect, so I waited for it to arrive and colour matched my threads.

I think each camper took me an evening to stitch, and the overall  effect is really fun and cheery!

Have you got any hand-crafted projects in your home? Why not share in the comments if you have any links!

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A Retro Styled Summer

I love vintage style, though I confess, definitely more-so in the summer for me, I love that the days get longer, and brighter and (hopefully) sunnier, and summer is the perfect time for prettiness and not being wrapped up in layers, or in a raincoat, which living here in Cornwall, granted, can still happen!

I’m not massively into fashion, but I like what I like, and sometimes I manage to stray away from leggings and skinny jeans, and maybe even wear a dress! I probably won’t share much in that area, simply because there are plenty of awesome bloggers sharing that kind of thing and no doubt they are FAR better than me! But I had to share these!

The first weekend this June, we decided to head into town for some window shopping, and whilst browsing in a high-street shoe shop, I happened to spot some gorgeous vintage style shoes… I have a bit of a weakness for shoes, though as I’m flat-footed I don’t wear heels very often. These however have a fairly low heel, fit perfectly and were a total bargain! So of course, they had to be mine!

Hearts and bows are not usually something I’d consider particularly “me” but they are quite subtle, and unless you look closely they look like polka-dots which I adore!

I teamed these with a navy polka-dot skater dress, and red cardigan, and of course my (summer essential) Aviator sunglasses, and red lipstick…


Here’s hoping the sun keeps shining and I’ll get to wear them throughout the summer! Though of course failing that I can just wear them indoors!

What are your summer essentials?